For the rest of my life, I will love you till death

Liuniansishui, time dream, when I look back, only to find that this life has come halfway, mountain climbing over the years, across the river of time, or alone in life , there is always a person, obviously you can spend to white , But let this affectionate world separate us, there are always some words that want to talk to someone, but they are separated by a distance of thousands of rivers and mountains, and that person can only be buried in memories, and those words can only be deep Buried in my heart, I really want to go back to the old, carefree, carefree age, where you can love to your heart’s content, love happily, and everything in this world, but it’s a pity that it used to be, forever Stopped in the past, and we can never go back.

Once you turned around, we met a wonderful fate, and you were also once turned around. From then on, we have been separated by a sea of ​​people, once we met, happy that once, once parted, regretted for a lifetime. Your name, your smile, and everything about you made me reminisce for a lifetime alone, as if all you left behind were an inexplicable pain that kept me deep in it.

It’s said that the end of love is not necessarily happiness, it can also be a good memory. I think if I have been faded by the long time wind in these years, when I think of you again, it may be a good memory. Face it with a smile, but now, there are still endless regrets and longings flooding in my heart. I think, that once, that once you must be an unforgettable love, otherwise, how can it make me think of you? So heartache.

You know, since I parted with you, no one can walk into my heart anymore. I would rather be so lonely, would rather be accompanied by memories and loneliness , and keep our share of love, even though the one we got together The journey time is very short and short, but it has left a long-lasting beauty in my life. You let me know the beauty of love, you let me understand the magic of love, and even more so, you let me understand that love has passed. After the compassion, let go of holding your hand, let you return to the sea of ​​people, perhaps the best love for you.

For the rest of my life, in the crowd, I don’t expect to have another fate with you. If God can have mercy on me, I just hope, stand in the distance and see what you look like now, as long as I see you with a warm smile in the past, I Be contented.

In this life, let it be like this, living alone, having a memory related to you, is still happy. Whether you remember it or forget it, I will always be here, and I will always love you in my heart until I die.