Spring meets red leaf plum

If someone in a foreign country tells me that her name is Hongye Li, I will totally accept it. But in a park called Xinzhuang in Shanghai, when I was told that it was her name, how could I not whisper? Although I didn’t refute others face to face, in my heart, I think her name should be Li Hongye, right? Vulgar is a bit tacky, but in any case, it is quite feminine.

I fell in love with her in March of this year. This spring, most of my time is spent on the spring-filled streets of Shanghai. That day, the spring sunshine was very warm. I saw her suddenly while admiring the various flowers and trees on the roadside. At that time, she handed me a very ambiguous smile, which immediately lightened my heart. I look back with infinite affection, and the radiance of love radiates from the pupils of my eyes.

Although I saw a bunch of “Autumn Spinach”, I didn’t feel embarrassed to find a word to talk to her. After all, it was the first time I met, and I was too enthusiastic to cause misunderstanding. However, before leaving her, I stared at her deeply for a long time, and I found her smiling face filled with the color I like. Finally, I nodded affectionately with her. The breeze at the time, stroking her soft hair, was really charming.

When I got home, I kept thinking about that affair. I regret that I don’t even know her name. It is very peculiar that in my dream that night, I actually dreamed of her. I vaguely felt that she seemed to have her last name Li, as if we had met somewhere before, but I just couldn’t remember the exact meeting place. Later, I was sure that she should be named Li, and, on a certain spring day, I must have met her.

That day, walking by the fence of the neighbouring community, I was attracted by the many familiar but unnamed little white flowers protruding from the fence. Those flowers are full, the five-petaled white flowers are a bit pink, and the tiny leaves are like red maple. Seeing that flower, I actually thought of Ye Shaoweng’s famous saying, “The garden is full of spring, and a red apricot comes out of the wall.” Although the flower is not a red apricot, it is from the wall after all, so the poem that pops out is quite in line with the scene.

I wanted to walk into the community to see the environment where this flower grows, and by the way, ask others what the name of the tree that blooms this flower is. Because this spring, there are so many such flowers, and they are really beautiful. Especially in the street trees beside the road, they are especially charming and charming against the green willow color. It is believed that this kind of tree surnamed Li is inspired by the sentence “Peaches and plums are all over the world”. In spring, in addition to peach blossoms, it is not plum blossoms that can bloom so full of pride. What kind of flowers would it be?

Regrettably, I tried so hard to find the exact name of this flower. Just when I was about to go to the Botanical Garden to inquire, an old classmate called me and asked me to gather in Xinzhuang Park near his home. Seeing that the sunshine was very good for the buddies that day, I decided to go there on a public bicycle provided for free in Minhang District. Along the way, I kept seeing such attractive flowers, which made me feel very bright. Of course, other flowers and trees are also very cute and cute, but I already know their names, so I will inevitably lose a little sense of mystery.

Xinzhuang Park, which is famous for its plum blossoms, is still a bit elegant and interesting. Although the proud appearance of plum blossoms is squeezed out in spring, the plum blossoms are still upright in my heart. At this time, the protagonists of the park were peach blossoms and cherry blossoms. Their beauty made my friend exclaim “very in love “. I said that it should be a little romantic love, but true love has no conditions to be so luxurious. Luxurious love is mostly a little holiday.

When I saw plant introduction cards under some trees, I suddenly remembered the clusters of small white flowers that came out of the fence. I hope to learn their names in this park. When I found them, I looked around, but I didn’t find signs such as introductions or explanations. When I was surprised, I saw a gardener was loosening the soil a few steps away, so I thought to myself that there must be a play this time.

I walked to the gardener, pointed at the trees that were blooming, and asked him for their names. The gardener looked in the direction of my finger, and then calmly replied: Oh, that is Hongye Li.

I was stunned by the gardener’s answer. In fact, the leaves are a bit more purple, but why did the gardener only call it red-leaf plum instead of telling me that it can also be called purple-leaf plum? I checked the information later and sighed that my intuition was pretty good. Maybe, I don’t need to explore those annoying details. Hongzi was very close at first, even if occasionally confused, why bother about it! Just like I often walk on the spacious avenues of the city, but always thought that I was walking on the small roads in the country-forgetting the symbols, forgetting the years, just letting my heart sleep in the quiet world of joy…