really miss you

I woke up at 2 o’clock in the morning with tears in my eyes. Your smile is reflected in the tears. I know I dreamed of you my love.

I walked to the window, the sky was still dark, the building opposite was still pitch black, at this moment. I woke up.

How fast it goes! You have been away for fifteen years, and I will dream about you every year today, just like an arrangement. Love each other in a dream. When I woke up, I remained in the lingering. Outside the window, it was so quiet, even the flowers and plants were asleep. Only the wind was floating gently, and a wisp of breeze came in through the window screens and stroked my face. I’m completely insomnia this night…

They all say that I am God’s darling, but God made a joke for me. I think if you will come back, I will cherish it

The beauty that life gives us. Live happily and enjoy the sun. We must cherish the beautiful life. Forget all the unhappiness of the past.

I know, I can’t forget your warm embrace, the joy and play of us together. If you can come back, I will give up all the restlessness. Follow in the footsteps of your love for me, and walk on a level road with you.

Some people say that from birth to departure, people will meet many people, some people are just your past scenery, but I know that you are the blood of my life. Has melted in my blood. Love you! Miss you……

Leaving you, how many cold days, I like to listen to sad songs, through the moonlight I call you! My dear, I really miss you 1