This peace of mind is my hometown

I sat under a tree full of flowers, staring at this village in the midst of the sunset, a place called my hometown where I lived for 20 years. Looking at the smoke in the village, there is a deep homesickness and simplicity in it, and I am not only obsessed with this harmonious country folk.

Thousands of miles of rivers and mountains are flying in dust, sighing that I have been longing for my hometown. How many nights I have been away , I missed in loneliness and frustration, missed the cordial murmur of my neighbor’s grandma, and missed the long call of my mother in the evening.

It seems to be very far away, and the sky is still in darkness. I hold a bundle of firewood and hold a flashlight to light a fire in the classroom with my friends. I go early, and I often have to stand in front of the school and wait for the teacher to open the door. At that time, there were no hot roasted sweet potatoes, but there were bright stars in the sky and meteors from time to time. There may be a lot of wishes at an innocent age, but none of them were realized. Later, compared to wishes, I believed that meteors represent life. Fallen, because good things always seem to be short-lived.

The stars in the dark night, the flames in the stove, and the cooking smoke of the country folks exude a faint homesickness in the nostalgia. This homesickness carries the joy of my youth, and I can never go back.

When I was young, I longed for the distance. After studying a few texts, I always dreamed of going to the mountain side. When I grew up, I realized that the mountain side is still the mountain, and under the mountain is another small village. I started living on campus when I was in the sixth grade. From junior high school and high school to university now, I was farther and farther away from home, longer and longer away from home, and I missed deeper and deeper. The place I was longing to escape has become the biggest. Yearn for.

Later, I became a wanderer. Gradually, my hometown became my hometown, and my hometown became another hometown. The biggest expectation every year is this short vacation. A short stop always brings the greatest comfort to my soul.

In fact, sometimes, some misfortune can bring us spiritual peace, the key lies in everyone’s attitude towards life. Perhaps, a long time later, we will be a little grateful when we recall our lives during this period of the epidemic. The life that has been disturbed for a long time will inevitably yearn for the calm nature under the east fence of picking chrysanthemums. Humans are originally natural, and returning to nature is the most comfortable posture.

This year’s winter vacation, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic has isolated us at home. It is really a rare “super holiday”. Of course, during this holiday with no school date, I took the opportunity to relive our childhood life and lie back in the embrace of our hometown, greedy. To enjoy this rare warmth.

Every day I go to class during class time, and after class, I can eat the meal my mother cooked, enjoying this rare luxury, as if I had returned to my childhood. Of course, in addition to savoring the love of my family, I am also constantly improving and exercising myself, so I want to praise myself!

Han Han wrote a book called “The Life I Understand”. For a long time, I understand that life is full of warmth and love. There is a house, which can be small, but the parents are with you and you can drink tea in your free time. Reading books, writing what you like, and being able to make a breakfast or dinner for your family is the greatest happiness , and this feeling continues to deepen with age. When I was isolated at home by the epidemic, I have been exercising my cooking skills. The first time I tried to cook braised carp and large plate chicken, the only drawback was that the heat was not very good, and the taste was of course not bad! Like what braised eggplant, Stir-fried beans, mushrooms and eggs, fried pork with green pepper, shredded potato vermicelli, dry noodles, hand-made noodles, I learned it in a holiday. However, the cooking skills still need to be continuously improved. The fried rice cakes that I missed are not available, so I just do it myself. I made it, with rapeseed and green onions in the bright red soup. It was perfect and a one-time success! The only regret is that my cold skin died, and I didn’t dare to try it under the guidance of my mother. She always felt that I wanted to eat cold skin. Just buy one, but how can she understand that I want to learn a craft.

Many people may think that in such a developed era, eating is certainly not a problem, but for me, this is a kind of life ability and a kind of fun. I always feel that a home without smoke and smoke is not warm enough.

Why do I miss my hometown, because my hometown has the breath of childhood, and a familiar and warm smoke and fire, which is enough to cure the loneliness of the drifting time.