The madman and the bamboo forest

Zhu Lin is the child of a lunatic. The morning mist of early summer floats above the lush bamboo forest, like a quiet pastoral and quiet mountain village’s unawakened dream. The bamboo forest is enjoying the sweet mist at this time, and the lunatic is in the dream.

The madman built his home in the arms of a bamboo forest. The green walls, blue tiles, wooden windows and eaves were all created by the madman himself. Bamboo forests are also planted by lunatics one by one. Like a kind father, he has always protected this pure land, making the bamboo forest more and more verdant day by day.

I heard from my mother that a madman is not mad, but afterwards he was confused all night, and has not woken up since then, and this bamboo forest was planted by the madman before he became mad. I don’t understand why the madman has forgotten everything, but why he hasn’t forgotten this bamboo forest, but loves them more. When I was young, the way to school was right at the door of a lunatic. The front yard of the lunatic’s house is full of fruit trees and a small bamboo forest, while the backyard is full of a garden of bamboo forest.

I say that Zhulin is the child of a lunatic for a reason.

In spring, some bald bamboos are even more fragile. At this moment, the madman is holding his shabby machete in his hand, stepping step by step on the steps made of bluestone, and walking into the bamboo forest with his hands behind his back. The hand holding the scimitar is placed on the outermost side. As soon as he encountered the bald bamboo, he stopped, and the stretched brows wrinkled into a ball of paper. He put down the scimitar and touched the bamboo waist with his calloused hand, as if comforting the bamboo. , Don’t be sad , he squatted down and pulled out the weeds around the bamboo one by one, and threw them far away. He stood up, looked back at the bamboo and then walked forward, seeing the bald bamboo, his actions repeated. But when he meets a vigorous bamboo with bamboo shoots growing under the bamboo, he will open his mouth and show a smile that has already lost several teeth. Things we don’t understand. He has been working like this for decades, but he never knew he was tired. A lunatic really loves that bamboo forest.

For Bamboo, this father is obviously very qualified. Therefore, in order to repay his father’s nurturing grace, the sensible bamboo always grows more luxuriantly than other people’s bamboo, and the color is always the greenest. Under the sun, it is like a large ocean of emerald-like clear light. The vitality of bamboo becomes vigorous in spring, and they also start raising children. Maybe just tonight, when the spring rain falls quietly, the madman will be pleasantly surprised the next day. The bamboo shoots smile at him plainly like a newborn. He can use a small spade to dig a few plants home for lunch. Of course, most of the time, a madman will not. He uses mud to gently surround the bamboo shoots to protect him from growing stronger. But in summer, when other villagers sighed and shouted at the sultry weather, the bamboo forest opened their arms and blocked the non-toxic sunlight out of the window, making the lunatic always feel shady. Autumn is here, and the fruit trees outside the door are happily calling father, and the full fruits are the best gift to give back to a madman.

Now, the madman is old and was taken into the city by a child. However, the bamboo forest, the few fruit trees, and the broken house are all waiting. They look at the road leading to the city, hoping to welcome them. The father came back with a cane and hobbled back, because he had to repay his father in his own way.

Dear lunatic father, have you heard? Your children are still calling your name, waiting for you to return.