Don’t let the dust bury your lost soul

I like to walk alone in the sunset evening with falling leaves on the ground and facing the slow cool breeze. I like to watch the last metre of sunlight drift away in the afterglow, until the night comes silently. Some people say that I am a woman entangled in sorrow. I secretly snickered, maybe the sunlight hiding under the pen tip has been covered in dust for too long, maybe the clearest place in my heart has been stained with dust.

People always think of the road they have traveled when they are most depressed. It may be just a nostalgia, or it may be that the door to memory is opened inadvertently. Fate is an accident in life. , A person will meet many, many people in his life. People and people have a gap that will never be crossed. The heart is about the end of the world and forgot to close it. There is a lone boat in the vast sky. The road, I look back frequently, the crowded sea of ​​people is still lost, who is staying for me, who I am waiting for, inadvertently stepped on your boat, accidentally touched your hand, walked into you, approached you, missed the city, and my heart surged, Infatuated with your bright eyes, several winds and rains, several autumns, the Feiyun River quietly flows…

Time flies, but we still miss it, miss the magpie bridge crossing the galaxy, miss the double butterfly dance, miss the moon and tears Chang’e. The heart is too soft, but the sun is shining with laughter. In this world, there is no uniformity, and there is no bright moon and white clouds in this world. The earthly us, we meet in the world, but have never stayed, even if the concern is nowhere to spread, please let me miss, and look at you again, life is undoubtedly confused, but because of all kinds of temptations, life is burdensome. We have never seen flowers bloom in the four seasons, but we hope that our life faces the sea, falsehood brings emptiness, but we long for everything. After everything, what you really have is not what you get, but what you lose. Life does not give us much time, but we are lingering in the idle days. We are lost, we fall, we no longer believe in fairy tales , we all become the same. We won’t be crowned with the word “growth” until we completely lose ourselves.

Sometimes, we are obsessed with our hearts, it is better to listen to our own voices. Maybe you are groaning, it is a torture that hurts your soul. You are desperate, but hope. No one sees, no one hears, you stand there, stand there forever, people go to the empty building, people take the tea to cool, sweep and wipe diligently, don’t let the soul get dusty. Too many joys and sorrows, do not pay good talk. The past is gone, why bother singing and diminishing the lights? Sprinkle the warm sparks of the soul to soothe every lonely heart. Cut off the sorrowful thread, filter every bitter tear, we all forgot to cherish it in the wind and rain, and no one sleeps under the moon. Even if it’s crazy, it’s not necessary, let people discover that you have seen through. Defend your own city and welcome every dusk of yours.

Because of the darkness, sunlight becomes precious. Because I lost my direction, the road became clearer. If there is really anything that can make a dusty heart clean, it must be the charm of words. If there is anything that can make the hidden sunlight rush out again, it must be the power of words. I compiled the fleeting words into a book, and I met the most beautiful myself in the cloud of ink and ink, and memorized all the fragments of happiness in the thousands of books . Fortunately, this long heartfelt speech can be written into the book of youth. Fortunately, this past fleeting years can be carried forward with the bag, the skin is taken off, and the soul is hesitating. My heart is empty, and I was sad. Don’t worry about it, the pride of a hundred years can’t bear the smile of the red dust, the dust withers away, builds a bright mirror as a high platform, opens your door, even if it is dead at night, don’t let the dust bury your lost soul.