If life goes from death to life

People came and went in the cemetery, and people left with flowers, which were given to them by their relatives who were about to resurrect.

I am waiting, waiting for the arrival of December 12th-that will be the day of my resurrection.

Blood seeped from the damp ground, flesh and skin re-wrapped this skinny skeleton, people dug my coffin out of the ground, and firecrackers greeted my return.

After three long days, my stiff fingers could finally move slightly.

“Oh my God! He’s alive!” A woman screamed loudly, her voice so sharp but so beautiful.

I want to speak, but I can’t say anything. People are surrounding me, chirping like a group of little sparrows, and like a group of flies peeping at carrion… Jump…but I can only lie on the bed blankly, like an old hen waiting to be slaughtered.

Suddenly, I felt very warm, a gentle warm current surrounded me, and all the anxiety disappeared. It was a young and handsome face, which looked a bit similar to mine. He laughed and cried, just like when I held him for the first time.

After two months, I felt better and better. I got out of bed and started to warm up. There was still a long way to go before me.

And what I look forward to most-I will go to the cemetery to pick up my wife in three years.

I have to say that I wasted a lot of time fishing, writing, reading, writing…I also thought about the meaning of life or the goal of life . I found it and didn’t expect it.

Finally, I took my wife back. She was so ugly that her face seemed to be picked up from a trash can-a piece of rubbed paper was spread all over her face indiscriminately. But even so, I still love her.

After a few more years, I felt that my physical condition was getting better and better, and I decided to go back to work and make a little contribution to society.

My child’s child has grown up, and I don’t worry about his affairs anymore; I received a notice that the bank is about to buy my house. Because of the financial difficulties of the bank’s purchase of the house, I specially applied for a 20-year loan, 6%. The 6.6% interest rate is really tempting, and I readily agree.

The days went so plainly, time was like a slippery loach, I always felt that I was holding it tightly, but in the end it slipped away inadvertently.

Later, the bank finally paid off the loan owed to me.

I took this huge sum of money and prepared to travel around the world. After all, “Work is reserved for the elderly, and young people should go out and wander around!” My wife is getting younger and more beautiful, and I still love her as always, but we choose Let go of each other at that intersection, after all, the road in the future needs to be walked by one person, and love will only slow down the pace of walking in the world.

I have traveled all corners of the world in a few years, and I think it’s nothing more than that! In line with the ideal of “traveling thousands of miles is worse than reading thousands of books”, I decided to go back to school and study hard.

The knowledge is so simple, as I have learned before. It turns out that reading is walking; walking thousands of miles is also learning! I was surprised by my genius.

As I got younger and younger, I completely freed myself, playing marbles, digging out bird nests, catching butterflies with my friends every day… It was so difficult when the teacher asked me to recite the multiplication formula list. I realized that I was too stubborn.

Later, I forgot to walk and talk… I became a baby waiting to be fed, my happiness and my anger will usher in bursts of happy laughter. Over time I think this is also good. Later, because I was too young, the doctor advised my mother to put me back in the womb for protection.

It made sense-I returned to the boundless darkness.

It turns out-life comes from the dark night, and will eventually return to the dark night.