The sound of water rang

Thoughts were seduced by the sounds of nature, the small bridges in the south of the Yangtze River, the sound of the small waves crashing, the smacking sound of the fishes, and the soft sloshing sound of the pipes, the water is gurgling, as if As always, gushing together to the vast sea. Follow a blue spring, appreciate the ding-dong sound of the spring, stare at the gurgling flow of the stream, and interpret the beauty of the waves , the tenderness of the water, and the imagination in the flowing sound.

The charming and slender peaches reflecting the fresh pink peaches of Liu Cui, the fluttering of white clouds and neon clothes, the bright eyes studded with blue sky, the golden years of lavender flowers inlaid, the joyful color is like a stream playing the movement of water, the poem of water, The love of Bo, the joy of the stream, confided in the graceful singing of the mountain god.

Following the footsteps of the confluence of the lakes and lakes, riding on the windmill, sitting on the special plane of the clouds, watching the waterfall, drinking the tenor singing of the clouds, is the sound of happy gongs and drums in the joy of the mountain gods, it seems like the mountain gods are playing The image of water, the sound of the water flute, let the mind appreciate the original ecological singing of the composition of the mountains and the flowing water, feel the smooth sound of the ancient green sentiment performed by the no ink of the green mountains, and listen to the melodious music of the green mountains, streams, springs and waterfalls.

The symphony of the heart watching the lake with the wind is the ripples of the water that the breeze has wrinkled. The dimples in the circle of the lake seem to look up at the sky and make a happy laugh at the blue sky. It is a greeting to the white clouds, Guan Xiubo Lian Ying, the night is dim, listening carefully to the continuous sound of the frogs, listening to the crisp and tactful solo of the yellow oriole, concentrating on listening to the cricket’s screaming and the roar of the yellow river, the surging sea, and the sound of it. Everywhere sounded, the sound of water sounded.