Embrace time lightly, walk with a smile

In life , after experiencing many storms, I learned to face everything calmly and calmly. Choose an aftertaste of the past, cherish the choice of the present, and leave a longing for the future. In an elegant state, walking in the quiet years, let the soul meet the words, immersed in the quiet, faint words. Let the soul no longer be lonely, in the depths of the soul, write the affection of a lifetime into a chapter, and move forward with a smile.

The years are calm and peaceful, in the leisurely world, the past comes with the wind, as clear as yesterday. You don’t have to deliberately forget something, hold a silent understanding, all worries will drift away with the clouds; don’t care how much you lose, just a calm heart, all the good will last forever in an instant.

Life always has to walk a lot of roads, see different scenery, no matter who you meet or who meets with you, it is fate. It’s just that some people will stay, some will choose to leave, and they are actually lost when they have it. Our life is a long journey, stop and go, and no one can fully own it. Days drift away in the tossing and turn, and you will find that time never stays for us.

Everyone has a beautiful landscape in their heart, and there is no need to think about it. Those thoughts that come out spontaneously may be a touch of warmth that the years have left for themselves. Years are like water, when one day, sitting and watching the clouds rise, in the silence of the sky full of rosy clouds, the blank space of the years can be lightly stained with a light fragrance of light ink, just hope that I can be ashamed of my heart, and I will be enough Carry on.

Gently picking up the Qing Ning of the years, placing the tranquil heart in the haunting of Mo Xiang, and holding a silent love, sticking to a poetic touch. The fleeting flowers bloom, bring the warm sun in the heart of one meter, the meeting of the soul, and the understanding of the soul in life can be stabilized.

Sometimes, what you care about may not be the best; and the best may not belong to you. Let go of what you can’t take away, don’t force it if it doesn’t belong to you. Life is not beautiful because you have something, but when you can’t own it, you can appreciate it from a distance with the same joyful attitude .

Slowly, learn to use the filtered time to precipitate a peaceful heart. Following the clear and shallow context of time, I found that the former prosperous and heavy has become lighter and lighter, and many things have become unimportant after many years. I just want to be a simple person and look at the complex world with a simple heart. With the filtered mundane, sitting outside and watching the prosperity of the world, everything in the world will return you a clear and pure. Holding a breeze, let the release of life be dependent on the soul; let simplicity and flatness return to the original nature of life.

Along the way, how many there are verdant Love, leaving in the years touching the story ; how many met, never seen spring flowers. Don’t forget, the most beautiful scenery in life is always on the road, maybe at the next intersection, you will meet the person who has been waiting for you. In life, there are always some people who come safely, lingering the calm years with a faint fragrance; there are also some people, such as light butterflies, dancing and falling flowers, and then faintly gone, like the wind has passed without a trace. Remember those that should be remembered, forget those that should be forgotten, because the fragrance of flowers always lingers in the heart, and the troubles are always blowing in the wind.

Embrace a piece of time that belongs to oneself lightly, enjoy the quietness and tranquility of life, quietly watch the prosperity of the world, calm the ups and downs of life, give yourself a smile, in the depths of time, taste the quiet and good years, and move forward with a smile.