Thoughts after illness

“Shaohua is about to fall, the desire is desolate, a sing song, a beauty on the street, the gentleman looks back, the city smiles, the ink hair dances empty, and the vanity is disorderly. Holding the sake is a drunk, dreaming and sighing for how long will the autumn be. Lonely sorrow, a sorrow and a drink, the fleeting years will pass by like this. I still remember your allure face, reflecting the memory of being turned over by Jin color, winding in the vicissitudes of the ancient road, moss and green marks, troubled times…

Besbi, there is no way to eliminate it, the blue light is yellow, and he has no choice but to forget the world. Dressed in shackles, he rushes to the sky, the world, and hell in vain. A cluster of butterflies and flowers are flying and falling under the Bodhi, and your face is still obsessively guarded by the young. Since then, you have enlightened under Bodhi, and I was drunk in the courtyard of the old days. Not thinking about it, unforgettable! memorable! To hate this troubled world, it is even more pathetic to teach the miserable. A lifelong orphan, half-life military uniform, eternal world, can’t match a sad yearning . The dark marks on the sleeves reflect the vicissitudes of life, helplessly drunk long words, and cherry blossoms are all over the sky. Understand that lovesickness is hard, and I am willing to cross the river, but meet for nine lives, cut the red line, sad, sad! Only a handful and drunk dreams broken moon…

Close up to turn loneliness into vanity, only complaining about the beauty of this life. A miserable life, lonely and lonely! Yan Zhixue, fold the plum blossoms to search for the night, full of chaos, and a scene of sadness. In Shifang City, do you look back with white hair, in the chaotic world, I still lifted a pot of wine to look for a beauty.

The sweet-scented osmanthus is flying, the moonlight is light, and it is dressed in neon clothes and a lovesickness. Looking at the end of the world: No matter how hard you can find your name on the Sanshengshi at the head of the bridge, I planted sweet-scented osmanthus, wiped my tears, and buried Acacia. The pitiful world is always far away, separated by a thousand mountains, and sighed loneliness.

Stars are like rain, a thousand years of wish, bright years, arouse the dust, dry and teary eyes, the marks are still there, ask the sky, whisper, and where is the time to go. Hong Chen, Mo Yi, Broken Wing and Remnant Butterfly, can’t take away my thoughts, only hate the boundless sky and water, the wrong way. Ask Ding Xiaoxiang what is the love, fireworks are scattered and people mourn. Can’t live for generations, all the time, just for a flash of injury and death for thousands of years. How come the wind and rain on the brocade, fall in love with love, go to the small building alone to let the wind and rain go, and worry about it. There are also birds in Chishang, and they are only envious of mandarin ducks, and they have picked up all the red beans, only because they are the most love…

A spring rain, full of sorrow, sprinkled the country and the city, and played a glitzy song. Write the concern into the paper, throw it into the silent reincarnation, thinking that I am under the tree, picking a bodhi leaf…

Ten years of life and death are boundless. Don’t think about it, unforgettable. Thousands of miles of lonely grave, there is nowhere to say desolate. Even if they meet, they should not know, the dust is covered with dust, and the temples are like frost. You Meng suddenly returned home in the night. Xiaoxuan window is dressing up. There is nothing to say about each other, but a thousand lines of tears. Expected to be broken every year, bright moon night, short Matsuoka. ”

I quietly read this young and childish text, and slowly fell into contemplation with the ticking melody of the soft computer music…

Since my body malfunctioned, my temper became a lot more irritable. From the awe of heaven and earth, ghosts, gods, and demons, there was only a strong sorrow and irritability in my heart.

When I learned that I might be disabled, I was completely blind. I didn’t even know when I returned from the hospital or when I got up in the morning. I spent a few days in a muddle-headed manner. I don’t want to believe why I’ve done so many good things. I don’t smoke, drink, don’t say a dirty word, or even see an ant under my feet. “Friendship” makes my heart’s natural awe of ghosts and gods a little bit away. I have thought about whether I will end up being a drag on myself and my family, and self-solve.

Later, I couldn’t find a job, I couldn’t find a way out, and suddenly I couldn’t find anything. I shook my unconscious legs and tried to move myself to the window, looking at the stars in the night sky, just for a moment that could make my more irritable heart calm. I once wrote in an article , “The stars are shining and flickering. He seems to be an outlet connecting to another world. The dark curtain is his cover. When I was not out to go, I waited all night.” By the window, just like the night shift, when others go to rest, I force myself to come here, admiring my new home, the home of my soul.”

The night sky is everyone’s night sky, but the starlight is my starlight. When I am bathed in starlight, it is also one of the few times when I can be cleansed. The long reversal of day and night has made my life and body more chaotic, and the worsening structure has gradually reduced my desire for life. At that time, I often dreamed that my deceased relatives drove me on a dark road with a stick, and that was the case. My father, who had no feelings during his lifetime, began to occupy my mind after he left. People may be like this. They don’t know how to cherish them when they have them, but they miss them even after they leave.

Speaking of which, my body is deteriorating. After a long period of irritability and irritability, I have a hard-won period of calm, which also makes me think about the meaning of life and death. I personally watched the departure of my relatives, which brought confusion and confusion to my heart at that time. Now under my own pain, I also understand the fragility of human life. The breeze on the top of the building often encourages you to look down in your ears. The pet that you played with you yesterday will return to the dust today… In fact, I always thought that my companion was confusing me back and forth. In total, it is Three questions, the first is why I died, the second is why I live, and the third is what I want to do. From the beginning of our birth to the final demise, this may be a fact that God handed over to us. When God handed over this fact to us, God has already guaranteed this final result by the way. So, death It is not terrible, nor is it an eager thing, this is a festival that will inevitably come.

Today, I chose to sort out this rare and precious memory, and there may be many, many incomplete, but it does not prevent me from being able to write this brave one. I can’t choose my life without any risk, but I can

Choosing to be brave to deposit and sort out this risk, let him become his own wealth.

I can’t see the person who blows the suona, only the sound of the suona sings in the silent starry night sky, sometimes sad and sometimes desolate. Perhaps these few words are not enough to describe him, I soberly heard that it resounded in the past, resounded in the present, resounded in the future.

Thinking of this, I put down the book, such a large starry sky, how difficult it is to find the one that represents me in it, then if the star has life, how many anxious roads he has walked in the process of searching for you. Realizing that such a large starry sky is not only the trajectory I have seen in the past, but also his eternal destiny.

Life and death are normal, and naturally have their own laws, so why should we bother about it. The bee stayed steadily in the air like a foggy flower; the ant shook his head and stroked the tentacles, suddenly wondering what; the ladybug was getting tired of crawling, and when he was tired, he prayed for a while and spread his wings, and suddenly lifted into the sky; the trunk A cicada was left on it, lonely as an empty house; the dew rolled on the grass blades, gathered, bends the leaves, and suddenly fell to the ground to give out a golden light.