Lotus aroma

A round of clear and flawless moonlight bends the condensed blue waves, and calmly burnt circles of silvery ripples on the lake surface, rippling lazily towards the lake in an instant. The tender encounter between the moon and the water at that moment makes the heart of the lake happy, and the poetic beauty of the blue water is naturally natural, making the lotus flower dance, the moonlight clarifies the shadow, the lotus thought is surging, and the lotus love is unrestrained, that elegant waltz, by The breeze led the team, and Man danced the wonderful lotus, blowing out the refreshing fragrance. Look at Ana’s variety, the flat-headed lotus with tenderness like water is even more scented and full of sleeves, covered with emerald beads, white as snowy lotus and orange and yellow like golden flowers, we are close to each other, the drops of sweet fragrance, deep Buried in the pure and untainted mind of Pinggen lotus root. The eternal love and the magnanimity of affection are vividly interpreted by the fragrance of the lotus, the drops of fragrance in the rain, the bright and beautiful morning and evening scenes and the lotus holding hands, deducting the wonderful artistic conception of “ten miles of square ponds open, the sky and the clouds linger together” .

Lian’s Ana Duozi makes Yue’er secretly in love, makes Bishui envy, and makes Yuanyang jealous. The fairy of Yaochi was looking forward to it, thinking about holding hands with Lian. The fragrant lotus has never forgotten the poetic sentiment that the beauty of the moon gave to the lotus, and the sweetness and tenderness of the water has not been forgotten. It is dedicated to the painting of the lotus. The graceful elegance, not to mention the peaceful smile of the lotus heart that is waiting to be released, the poetic scenery of drunken water, the slim lotus, the elegant and pleasant fragrance blooms on the blue water surface, the style is moving, the branches are charming , Like a series of attractive ink painting scrolls.

In the meeting, the daughter smiled affectionately, and at the same time released a touch of sorrow, overflowing with a breathtaking fragrance, bid farewell to the thousands of years of suffering and the deep fate formed by the red dust. The sun is shining and the lotus is open to the full. Her romantic warmth makes the father-in-the-sun smile, and the amber morning sun is joyful, and the lotus is bathed in light and delicate. The lotus is willing to be soft, beautiful and beautiful, with a little smile, and a variety of powder outfits. , Nodding and bowing, some whispering, some Confucianism, the branches and branches are pink, like a slim lady, silently dedicated to the love of love, the unrestrained love, the sublimation of beauty, and the warmth of growth under the care of the sun. Quietly open. Blooming in the hearts of you and me, the natural sculptures, the hibiscus of the clear water, once again bring her elegant fragrance, showing the beauty exquisitely, the curtain moves in the green lake, wandering in the lotus pond, dumped in the moon shadow sail, Bloom in the joyful and warm dazzling sunshine.

Passing through the arms of smiling rippling, holding out her soft blue heart, rippling with an elegant smile. Transcend time and space to dazzle the eternity of love, the openness of the heart, and let the beauty of nature, life , humanity, and the beauty of the soul be shared with people who love life. The wind as thin as the wings of a cicada flies across the lotus pond, crisscrossing the lotus with the gentle dancing posture, and the sound of frogs is like a drum like a tide. The fragrance of the lotus is permeated, and the breeze of the moon plays the hymn of the beautiful lotus. Regardless of strong winds and rains, no matter the sea is dry and old, no matter how misty and rainy, the essence of the Buddha remains, the love is boundless, the mind and wisdom, the Zen mystery is deep, I only hope that the rain and the storm will usher in prosperity and auspiciousness. Chu Chu is moving, Hong Chen ferry, let you watch the hope of spring, the rain of summer, the devotion of autumn, the collection of winter, the beautiful fragrance of lotus. Bring you a pure and warm kiss, the everlasting lotus will always exude a faint fragrance in your heart.

The hibiscus came out of the clear water, naturally carved, the lotus shadow bends Bibo’s smiling face, and kisses the dimples on the lake, the moonlight and radiance express her warmth, quiet and silent in the middle of the night, plucking the roundness of the lotus leaves, the branches With strong dryness and pink feelings, Yinger blows away the heart of Ana’s colorful lotus, whispering, and the enthusiasm is true and true to the pure and flawless lotus root collection. The vicissitudes of time, how many feelings, how beautiful, how many charms, I feel deep in the autumn wind and autumn rain, thinking about the spirit of the lotus, the essence of the Buddha, on the road to the red dust, there will be auspicious happiness with you , the poetry of water, the sound and picture of the lotus moon shadow The dancing posture has made so many literati and guests linger and forget about it. Let the divine shape of the lotus, the brilliance of the moon, and the softness of the water entrust people’s infinite reveries about a better life.

The gentle evening breeze blows a pool of warm lotus fragrance, the faint misses are set against the green field scoop, the inexplicable misses involuntarily step into the slender texture of the lotus leaf silk, the crystal clear water drops sway the tenderness of the water, The sparkling light changes the transparency of love, the beauty of love, the touch of the soul, and the feelings of being attached to the branches and leaves. The enchanting and fresh branches rippling in the breeze with the fragrance of green fragrance, shy and sincere, shaking the heart of the pink lotus girl. The thoughts and feelings of any piece of lotus leaf swayed tenderly in a pool of clear green springs, bending the smile lines of the blue waves, amused the ripples of smiles, and gazed at the pink lotus shadow, looking at Lian’s Jie Ya, feel the charm of a lotus, the pink smile, charming and quiet, and the beauty reveals the passion and fragrance of Xia.

The lotus of the drunken moon makes the charming moon love uncontrollably sprinkle the inextricable silver lovesickness, kissing the fragrance of the lotus in the quiet night sky, as if the petals of the lotus were wrinkled by the night breeze, making up The beauty of the lotus, borrowing the clear water of a lake to pour the lotus’s thousands of styles, cut a bunch of sunshine and drip a little rain and dew to nourish the heart of the lotus, pull the fish of a river, invite a pool full of jumping shrimps, and gather in the green. The joy of meeting Ping, the tenderness of holding water, the poetic rhyme of lotus, the painting of ink lotus, and the beautiful elegance of lotus under the shadow of the moon.

Embracing a deep friendship of sincere rubbing love, cutting a strand of freshness of lotus, wiping the silver lovesickness of the inexhaustible moon, weaving a cloud brocade wandering between the sky and the clouds, passing through the lake full of moonlight and lovesickness , The peach-pink woman wearing a jade silk dress and a purple crystal inlaid emerald green lotus heart necklace hung on her breast is engraved into the smiling colorful ripples of the lake, reflecting the thousands of thoughts of the petal lotus, inlaid into the piece A piece of green field branches and pink hearts. Appreciating the lotus leaves layer upon layer, complement each other. The soft and graceful dance touched the bright and gentle moonlight, teasing the crystal clear water. The hibiscus came out of the clear water, naturally carved, the lotus shadow bends Bibo’s smiling face, and kisses the dimples on the lake, the moonlight is clear and lingering, expressing her warmth, the night is silent and silent, plucking the lotus leaf The mellowness, the firmness of the branches, and the feelings of pink, Yinger blows away the heart of Ana’s colorful lotus, whispering, and the passion is true and true to the pure and flawless lotus root collection. Burning lotus Rui, Tingting out of the water. One stem arc draws green, and double shadows share dividends. Destroying the face of the song, fragrant dancing clothes style. The name lotus is self-evident, and the two hearts are the same.

The blossoms rhymed into the moonlight of the lotus pond, and the moonshadow lotus’s heart opened. Fairy Lingbo planted a fan-shaped jade pendant and covered the shimmering pond. Strings of crystal clear water beads poured into the heart of the everlasting fragrance of lotus leaves, moon shadows. The middle swayed into the connotation of gentle Song poetry, swaggered out the scenery of gathering and scattered, seduced the sound of frogs like drums, and pulled into the lush foliage of the wood hibiscus by the pond, and reflected into the sky. The lingering face of the shadows spreads a halo of smiles and brilliant ripples, the beautiful and beautiful inlaid with colorful blossoming lotus flowers, set against the green field of cascading celestial dance skirts, embroidered with light makeup of pink and pink, Sewing on the dazzling mirror image of the dragonfly, composing a beautiful chapter of the natural carving of the clear water and the hibiscus, it is indeed refreshing and happy to linger.