May you choose a beloved

I know that you hurt more than me, and hurt more than me. Your heart is torn in half, your tears cut through the night sky, and my anger and humiliation are nothing, because if I am a little bit bloody and angry, then you will definitely be hurt more and you will face For more accusations, abuse, and ridicule. Your heart will be shattered, leaving a lifetime of pain and no cure.

His words were like thorns, hurting people to the bone. I frowned when I heard it, and I was angry when I heard it. My heart was boiled, but there was nothing I could do. You said that it was the happiness you wanted .

You said that you are only foolish for one person and stupid for one person. Now it seems that you are not, but whenever you face what you love, what you have in mind, and everything you have hope for, you are stupid. You can hardly be like a stone of iron, and you dare not toss the goodness you have created for yourself. But you don’t seem to be aware of it. They are binding you, blackmailing you, making you fearful, and telling you to give infinitely with your heart and affection, and the reward you get is far less than one ten thousandth of what you paid.

Keep your head up while walking, and dare to dream when you dream. The road under your feet is not only between the square inch where you bow your head, but also poetry and the distance, and true happiness. Don’t be afraid of the cruelty of reality when you dream. Those who dare to dream have hope.

I ask myself, I am not a saint, a good person, or a beloved person, but I definitely hope you are good.

I put my hands together, you are in my heart.

I pray for you to the heavens and the earth, pray to the sun and the moon, and give you peace, peace and happiness every year. I also wish you to remain gentle and as kind as yesterday, but there should be no less decisive points, no decisive points should not be reduced, and the ones that should be put down and discarded, and the people who shouldn’t be seen will never be seen again. , The anger that shouldn’t be received, the hurt that shouldn’t be accepted, all spurned.

You are just you. You have an independent personality and inherent self-esteem.

Why can’t you speak nicely, why do you have to speak badly? Even if you commit a terrible mistake, you should speak softly with someone who loves you. The teaching came so violently, and the words revealed extremely low quality, so how much tenderness can be expected in the future? How much love can you expect?

Whatever fate, what kind of support, go to hell, the mountain will fall, the mother will grow old, relying on yourself is the kingly way.

You have to be more independent and stronger, you have to have your own thinking, your own spirit, dare to love and hate, and can afford to let go. You have to work hard to own your own business, even if it is an ordinary job, at least you don’t have to rely on anyone financially.

With inner strength and economic independence, even if one day you want to start all over again, you will not be constrained by capital.

“I saw a deer in the deep forest, a whale in a blue sea, and you when I woke up in a dream.” But when the forest is deep, the fog rises, and when the sea is deep, the waves swell. The “you” referred to here refers to your dreams, your longings, and the yearning for love and life .

There are tens of thousands of yushu trees, but you are also a flower, sharing the nourishment of the sun, moon, mountains and rivers, without the shade of trees, you can also bloom bright colors and exhale pleasant fragrance. The world is so big that we can choose good woods to share together. The years are long and short, and you can choose a beloved one to live there. If the wood is rotten, then go, if the person is evil, then do what he asks.

May you see flowers and birds, no bad people with you.

May your desires, all the dirt be wiped out, and nothing unpleasant will disturb your mind.

May you all be gentle, he can be worthy, and thoughts of regret will accompany you for the rest of your life.