Caprice of Cuihu

Cuihu Lake is located in Jiangning District, Nanjing City, east to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, south to Cuihu Villa, west to General Avenue, north to the Customs Building. Looking around, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties of Jinling is faintly visible, and the scenery of Qinhuai River is panoramic.

When night falls, the charming scenery of Dongshan Qiuyue arrives as scheduled, excited my retina color recognition system, and brightened my pupil god. The night sky is bright, the stars are shining, the moon is like washing, and the lights and shadows of the Qinhuai River complement each other. A dazzling anime mirror image of the sky and the earth, set off in the window of my soul for a long time playback, the witty night scene is lingering in my memory go.

Cuihu is gently inlaid on the land of Jiangning, like a dazzling night pearl. I can’t help but admire the beautiful scenery of Cuihu. I just want to make the poetry and painting of Cuihu, the deep friendship of the lake be remembered in my heart, engraved in my heart. Treasure in my head.

Staring at the green lake, the lake is like a wash, the lake is like a mirror, and the prismatic blue sky, she tenderly invites in the elegant and dancing white clouds, and shadows the tenderness of the beauty of the thousands of branches and willows on the shore, and also brings the beauty of the Jiangnan Wenshu Garden The villas are refreshing and magnificent! The scenery carved from nature is picturesque, bringing the beauty of the harbor, the warmth of happy people, and the living god of ink-painting to life . The beauty of life is rich and colorful, as if talking about Cuihu; the east of Cuihu is adjacent to Nanjing-Shanghai Expressway. The road, the wheels are rolling, and the bustle is extraordinary, and the lake is recording the busyness of cars all the time. Nostalgia for all kinds of colorful and famous cars makes the lake dizzy.

Cuihu seemed to be leaping for joy, causing the duckweed in the lake to gently approach Pingting’s graceful lotus, touching the scene with affection, and a group of shallow dragonflies stopped at the tip of the lotus buds, staring at the sentimental scene intently. At this moment, The ripples of the lake showed a smile of laughter involuntarily, rippling in circles on the surface of the lake, lotus language poems and paintings, mandarin ducks playing in the water next to the water chestnut, and the joyous fish and shrimps under the blue waves, as if they were talking about the achievements of reform and opening up together. With rapid progress, great changes in prosperity, and happy people’s life, like the Cuihu Art Center on the east side of the expressway, it is prosperous and icing on the cake.

Look, the two gorgeous silver-gray hemispheres are attached to each other, shining in the sun, full of artistic charm, full of splendid splendor of humanistic beauty, this is the wonderful imagination of Cuihu…This is also Cuihu The affectionate confession of the lake, the unique beauty of Jiangnan architecture, lying elegantly and beautifully on the shore of Lake Cuihu Lake, the trapezoidal curved bridge extends towards the lake surface, connecting the Bixin Pavilion in the lake, like a royal concubine out of a bath, and it is full of affection, and like Xishi The winding yarn is tender and beautiful, and the pavilion rising above the lake is like Zhaojun’s aura, like a heavenly immortal. From a distance, I can see Bixin Pavilion standing on the lake, quiet and beautiful and elegant, just like Diao Chan descending on Cuihu Lake. The elegance and poetry of Bixin Pavilion express the willow bank style of Cuihu people in spring, the colorful flowers, the joy and busyness of purple swallows in spring, the dancing of butterflies, the sweet honey of bee stuffing, the infinite time when a hundred flowers compete for beauty Romantic and fashionable.

Summer’s Cuihu Lake is full of enthusiasm, permeated with a warm and romantic atmosphere. The deep blue glazed tiles of the lake pavilion are radiant and radiant, accompanied by the pulsating heat waves, dissipating in all directions, in exchange for the refreshingness of the refreshing lake and the exquisite beauty of the Bixin Pavilion. , The condensed fat like the slippery clear water, the shade on both sides, makes all the crape myrtle azaleas elegant and gorgeous, and the rose flower exudes a refreshing fragrance, which controls people’s sentiment and moisturizes people’s hearts.

Baijia Lake, located in the southeast of Jiangning City, is like a jasper compass, shimmering with emerald green streamers. The square next to the lake is surrounded by flowers and trees. The red phoenix icon that wants to spread its wings is vivid and moving. The lake and Phoenix Terrace square and Cuihu frequently waved their hands, staring at each other as if they were talking about the lovesickness under the autumn moon in Dongshan.

The colorful colors of autumn decorate the Cuihu Lake as a fairy, the peach red pear white changes into the joy of the harvest in autumn, the 100% beautiful scenery, the drunk red-faced maple, the beautiful and sonorous chrysanthemum, the one painted in crimson red The jujubes, the mulberry seeds soaked in Zigong, and the sweet and crystal clear grapes in the orchard on the south side of Cuihu Lake, clusters of Qiaoshuiling, and the sweetness of the magnets are a real treat. Light pink and purple, golden and bright red, it is a feast for the eyes. Brilliant red strawberry inlaid with beautiful dimples, filled with smiling fast happy music look manners, the beauty of life equally delicate green grass by the lake, by the look of behavior Hudi flower trees, there are various clever The fascinating little scene is interpreted brilliantly and vividly.

Throughout the ages, Jinling, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, has a magnificent spirit, while Jiangning Mansion is a place with outstanding people, and Cuihu Lake is like the land of Jiangning.

The jasper compass, shining faintly like the streamer of jade, is gentle and tranquil, quiet and elegant, and there is a way: Jinling’s mountains and rivers are interdependent, and the context is connected. This really makes my thoughts and dreams come together.

Mountains and mountains are in the same line and passed on from generation to generation. The ancestor Tangshan of Cuiping Mountain merges through the majestic and majestic, like a dragon eager to take off in the land of Jiangning. Lingyan Mountain and Jiangjun Mountain face each other in the distance, telling each other about their lofty ideals. Seeing thousands of Qionglin eager to go to the heavenly palace, watching the Qinhuai scenery joyfully. Qingliang Mountain and Lion Mountain stand opposite each other, and I like to see Nanjing today is vibrant, prosperous and prosperous. The shogunate mountain stands close to the river, offering a unique view of the beautiful scenery of the spring water flowing eastward. Youzi Mountain and Niushou Mountain Fangshan meandering and twisting continuously, both praise the prosperity and glory of Jiangning today. Qixia Mountain and Zijin Mountain looked at each other, with a magnificent atmosphere, enjoying the drunken red maple in autumn, and exploring the starry sky on Zijin Mountain, looking at the stars and moon and the sky. Meihua Mountain and Zhongshan face each other across the river. They share the winter plums that welcome the spring in February, and watch the magpies jumping on the branches of red plum blossoms in spring. Appreciate the Yangtze River flowing eastward, praise ancient heroes and heroes, observe the Xuanwu continents, and have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery, and praise the prosperity and prosperity of Nanjing today and its bright future. It is magnificent and majestic with a view of the riverside, Zhongshan dragon pan, stone tiger stalking, and the emperor’s residence.

I love the beauty of nature, the elegance of humanity, and the charm of personality. Confucius said it well: “The wise are happy with water, and the benevolent leshan. The wise are active, the benevolent is quiet. The wise are happy, and the benevolent live long.” It is the precious treasure of the people of the earth, and it is so precious that it must be cared for.

Today the green lake is blue and slippery, the willows on the lakeshore are verdant green, the spring peaches are scorching and charming like red clouds, the summer lotus is graceful and Nana is colorful, like the fairy Lingbo descending to the earth, the autumn moon in the Dongshan mountain reflects the green lake, the sky and the earth share the bright moon, the lover loves infinite love, only May we finally get married! Where the water is charming, the white egrets squat and dance, the fish in the fine waves and the prawns are fun, the snails, lions and mussels join hands with the green, just like depicting the curved road of love at the bottom of the lake.

Cuihu has a lot of emotions, and I want to communicate with Yanzhihe and share the artistic conception of Nanjing Yanzhihe’s [凝脂落霞]: “The red falls into an array, the color dyes the slight ripples, and the three sticks add infinite painting meaning, Yu Xia disperses Qi, The light and soft waves, hanging down a line, can’t catch the poetry. I really want to talk with the Qinhuai River, witness the prosperity and decline of the Song Dynasty, and witness the magnificence of the Qinhuai River today. I also want to talk freely with the Yangtze River and appreciate the moonlit night of the Spring River. Dazzling mirror image.

Flying and dancing colorful butterflies, humming autumn songs and lyrical oriole birds, singing and dancing in the autumn. The beautiful natural scenery and the prosperous mood of life are unreservedly dedicated to the Chinese people, looking forward to a harmonious world full of joy and warmth. The kindness full of love, Yinggeyan dance, Qinhuai scenery, the broad road of Generals, and the verdant green of Cuiping Mountain brought my thoughts far away.

I had a chance to think, is the mood of autumn winter involuntarily alternative, Lake early winter cold seems calm, elegant in was a bit overwhelmed, overlooking the lake, miss the emotion of the home, in the heart wells up, the direction toward home Looking at it, suddenly looking back, I chanted a Tang poem [Moving Home Biehushang Pavilion] to express my feelings at this moment. Fortunately , the spring breeze on the lake pavilion, the willow branches and vines are in love. Huang Ying has been acquainted with each other for a long time. This was done by the poet Rong Yu in the Tang Dynasty when he moved. The poet uses anthropomorphic expression techniques to create a fairy tale-like artistic conception in the whole poem. It expresses the poet’s deep feelings of attachment to the trees in the former residence. The spring breeze is swaying and the scenery is pleasant. I am here to say goodbye to my favorite lake pavilion in the past. In the breeze, the wicker and vines at the edge of the pavilion spread lightly, as if they stretched out countless amorous arms to pull on my lapels and prevent me from leaving. This scene is really annoying, and I can hardly miss it. After living for so long, the Orioles on the branches of the willows by the pavilion have also known me. At this moment of separation, don’t be in love with each other, and the mellow voice, moving heartstrings, makes it difficult for people to calm down.

Holding the imaginary pen gifted to me by the years and composing the thoughts of Cuihu, I have many thoughts, and with a reluctant mood, I have no choice but to end my nostalgia for Cuihu, lovely lake, lovely The scenery lingers in my heart for a long time.