Forever Misty Poem

I recently got a copy of “The Selection of Misty Poems”.

When I was in middle school, it was the period when poetry was in its heyday and fanaticism. An Anthology of Misty Poems was passed to our class. I just copied it. I copied a homework book full of it. The blank spaces of the textbook were also full of obscure poems. Sometimes the teacher gave lectures and I read obscure poems. It was an unforgettable time. The pursuit of words and poetry had nothing to do with matter. Bai Yansong said, if you ask me which book I have read the most, in addition to the “Xinhua Dictionary” and the textbook, it is the “Selected Poems of Misty”, which is almost a bible of poetry. This is my same feeling.

Regrettably, the pure and hazy poetry failed to withstand the economic tide. The poets went one after another, headed in different directions, and took away poetry and their dreams about poetry. Rereading the obscure poems now is like seeing a first lover, feeling painful sadness in the silent stare . Those familiar sentences hit the heart again, making people want to shout.

Bei Dao bluntly said: “Despicable is the pass of the despicable, and the noble is the epitaph of the noble”; “In the place where the emperor died / that old gun sprouted and became the crutch of the disabled”; “When there is no hero In the age/I just want to be an individual”; ” Life is an opportunity/only once/who checks the time/who will suddenly age”. And his one-character poem, “Life”: The Internet, triggered an overwhelming number of comments, and it was more than enough to compile a book. The confusion about breaking the Internet is just as strong today.

Shu Ting said: “If I love you——/Not like a climbing trumpet flower/Let your high branches show off”; “Instead of exhibiting on the cliff for a thousand years, it is better to cry all night on the shoulder of my lover”; “I have no right to rest. /The sprint of life/There is no end, only speed.” I don’t know how many times these sentences have been copied. Shu Ting has become everyone’s “darling” and our idol back then.

Liang Xiaobin shouted: “China, my key is lost. That was more than ten years ago/I ran wildly along the Red Street/I ran to the wilderness on the outskirts and shouted/Later/My key was lost”. The “key” refers to human nature, and the greatest damage to China by the Cultural Revolution is human nature. This is our common misfortune with this era.

Gu Cheng was sober and desperate, “The night gave me black eyes, but I use it to find light”; “Death is a careful harvester/will not leave a spike of barley.” Sun Wujun said that Gu Cheng is a genius and rare. He walked far ahead of the times, so that he walked out of the world prematurely. In 1993, Gu Cheng hanged himself after killing his wife on Auckland Island, New Zealand. Shu Ting once said in “The Poet of Fairy Tales” that Gu Cheng: “Only a simple signal / to gather the team of stars, Zi Yunying and grasshopper / to a place without pollution / set off “But after this departure, there will be no return date.

Haizi Xia Bingchangchang: “Like all poets who take dreams as horses/I have to walk on the same road as martyrs and clowns”; the ending of ” Diary ” is heart-stirring, “Sister, tonight/I don’t care about the world/I I just miss you”. No one expected that Haizi committed suicide in 1989. Some people say that Haizi’s death means the end of an era. There were pursuits and ideals in that era, as well as beauty and innocence poetry. Sun Wujun didn’t even know why, the poems that he had worked so hard to explore, also ended up without disease in this year. Now, “Facing the sea and blooming in spring” has become the slogan of real estate projects. Bai Yansong said that the original swordsmanship was like a joke , laughing at ourselves and the times, the passion is old, only the city is unfamiliar. New work.

Bei Dao left with only the Chinese luggage. He lived in the United States in 1990 and settled in Hong Kong in 2007; Chang Rong went crazy and said, “I know I will bear ears and have golden wheat awns.” This has become an eternal miss; More poets are missing, and everyone has gone far in the turbulent economic tide. It is not only the poets who have gone far, but also ourselves.

In the October issue of “Poetry Magazine” in 1980, the editor’s words of the album of Youth Poetry Club quoted Sun Wujun’s poem: “The world will not lose its life without my song, but without this song, I will wither and have no color. “.

In 1981, “Shanghai Literature ” published a poem review by Bei Dao: Poets do not need to despise themselves. Perhaps all difficulties are just a matter of time, and time is always fair.

After 30 years, the Swedish poet Thomas Transtromer won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2011. It seems that there is another hope: Poetry is coming back! Poetry will be forever!