Wind and rain bridge catastrophe

As a small town on the verge of rivers and lakes, Fengyu Bridge is absolutely indispensable.

In recent years, Jinping County has been committed to building a waterfront city. Two well-connected wind and rain bridges have been built on Xiaojiang and Qingshui Rivers. At the same time, numerous wind and rain corridors have been built on both sides of the river, thus forming the wind and rain bridge corridors of Jinping County. group. At night in Jinping County, Fengyu Bridge Corridor is definitely a unique and beautiful scenery.

However, a fire during the “May 1st” period turned the Chixiping Wind and Rain Bridge into ashes. A corner of the sky is missing, and the corridors of the wind and rain bridges in Jinping are like the beauty of the lack of teeth.

Speaking of this Chixiping Wind and Rain Bridge, it is also the origin of the City Wind and Rain Bridge. It is evolved from the original chain plank suspension bridge and chain steel plate suspension bridge. Although it is no longer interesting than the original chain swing, it has its own cultural heritage of bridge corridors. The paintings, calligraphy and poems on the bridge can be called classics , and the architectural structure of the five dragons and opera beads is unique in the history of Fengyu Bridge, which can be called a model of Fengyu Bridge archives. Although Qingshuijiang Fengyu Bridge is longer, wider, taller and more majestic than Chixiping Fengyu Bridge, it does not have the charm of Chixiping Fengyu Bridge.

However, this is such a classic wind and rain bridge, just like the fire has brought the east wind! Natural disaster? Woe to man? Catastrophe? Maybe they are all, it seems they are neither!

The sigh is of course, the key is how to recover quickly! Only when it recovers again, people will gradually forget the pain…