The mottled world is always love and hate

Because of and so, they have become those shadows. The process of illusion is all those scenery, snow and rain.

Yes, in the minds of me and you, wandering, the flow of people in a hurry, among them is the loneliness of me and you. Yes, the mottled sky and earth, just like that, in many unimaginable scenes, suddenly those scars of mind.

Yes, it is because of your appearance that there are many kinds of love and hate gains and losses, and there is nothing with the baptism of wind and rain. Remember your promise, and feel relieved. You can’t forget those guarantees and realize your heart dream.

After seeing a lot of life strange, I have grown up, after thinking a lot of pain, to understand why there are those poetic one by one.

Love is to be cultivated in our hearts. Hate, just in many unpredictable gains. Love and hate are intertwined with common aspirations and different pursuits. In the mottled, there will always be many honors and disgrace and right and wrong forever.

The vastness and selflessness of the world contain our love and hatred, including many of our beautiful pursuits…