Regret engraved in memory

In the dark night of late autumn, there was a bleak evening breeze blowing, and there were bare sycamore trees. Following the signs of falling leaves, in the darkness, some fragmented regrets and too many fragments of old memories were directed towards me. Struck.

In the sentimental memory, I took the last step heavily, but I never looked at my hometown affectionately, nor did I recall the appearance of my hometown playmate.

Actually, I can’t remember you, the last gentle evening breeze; I can’t remember the last bright moon; I can’t remember the last shimmering lake; I can’t remember that one. Colorful butterflies; and the last picture of the landscape of the stone walls on both sides of the cliffs on both sides of the rocky wall with the five colors and the blue sky, the blue sky, the geese crossing the bridge, the peaks into the clouds… When I saw the fruits of the peasant labor harvest in the autumn, and the pictures were revealed. When I was smiling and red, when I heard the sound of firecrackers in the New Year, when I smelled the fragrance of winter plums, the regret engraved in my memory flashed through my mind and made me wave. It’s not going.

I looked at the high and far sky above my head. The dark night exudes an extremely gentle light. The stars have never dimmed. In this silent night, carrying a heavy burden on my back, I caught the last train.

The train went away, and the track lifted up dust in the ground. When the dust ended, a new chapter opened.

Here is full of bustling and noisy, under the brilliant lights, cars are like running water and horses like dragons, and people are singing and dancing to gather together.

When dawn broke, a spit of meat and white was spit out from the east sky, covering the earth with a warm coat. I climbed to the top of the building, looking for the outline of my hometown in my memory. In my dim sleepy eyes, crystal clear tears came out of my eyes. I can no longer see the small and solid indigenous buildings, hear the sweet cries in the bazaar, and can’t touch the happy time that daylight accompanies me in the early morning and afternoon .

In the evening, when the meteor shower passed, I sat up in front of the window of the room as I wished, facing the sky, and made my small wish for many years, and said silently: “Hometown, how are you? Next fall, we will meet each other, okay? In the yard, your friend’s wall must not fall down. You must stand firm and straight to protect your home. There are also trees, and you must hold up the big green umbrella so that passers-by can enjoy the cool, and…”

The bright moon shrouded the earth, the flowers withered again, and people gradually dispersed. In this short life, some regrets accompanied my growth. Sitting under a towering tree, I chewed up the regrets in my memory and tasted the profound mysteries.