Away in time

The autumn colors are gorgeous, the autumn is bright and beautiful, the warm sun clears the outline of the time at the edge of the leaves, and the eyes wander in the thick of autumn, patrolling the changes of time.

Kazuki’s golden, golden-like texture of time, like a mold cast in the form of memory, freezes in another late autumn.

The mottled shadows of the leaves of Fatong are vivid and gorgeous in late autumn, like the story of the time recorded on a CD , stored in the secret room of memory, deep in time.

The melodious and melodious singing in the autumn sun, the loneliness in the late autumn flowed poetically, and the timeless to dull in the movement, interpreting a graceful desolation.

The falling leaves on the ground covered so many past events, and the stinging emotions were about to hibernate. This is a gorgeous and perfect ending, only waiting for the autumn breeze to pass, everything will be quiet.

The bamboo leaves took on the warm sun, and conveyed a kind of close attention, swaying publicity, and beautiful in the autumn or spring of the courtyard.

The romantic and bright cedar forest seems to rust the season, deliberately save a period of time, make it into a poem into a painting, make it like a song, and become a surprise.

I still remember the days when we hugged together for warmth, like hamsters cuddling together, hugging the colder mood together , and welcoming the comfort of the warm sun.

The colorful autumn leaves make the autumn scenery in front of us beautiful, as if the foundation of life is in the depths of the season, and the autumn light is brilliant!

When the maple leaf is red, it is the season of vivid memory. When it is green, it is summer, and when it is red, it is autumn!

The fiery red of that tree is a ball of flame, and Qiu Yi walks into glory in the burning. The burning splendor is the vitality that is about to disappear, perfect in the painting, and poignant in the poetry!

Let the gaze be immersed in the confusion of colors, because every color is a kind of rebellion, spring, summer, green, autumn, yellow, winter and red.

Going gracefully in the years, walking and walking become beautiful, no matter the time passes, no matter the time, as long as there is you in my memory, as long as I miss him, I will feel at ease to go away in time!