Play is like life

The Guanzhong area of ​​Shaanxi Province is one of the birthplaces of Qin Opera. Since Qin, Qin Opera has a long history and is endless, and many famous Qin Opera plays have been born. Three Drops of Blood, Flame Horse, Zhou Ren’s Return to Mansion, West Lake Hate, these famous plays have a long-lasting influence. . The masters of Qin Opera have been quite prestigious among the people since ancient times. For decades, most people have not known who the county mayor is and what the mayor’s name is. Prove the charm and influence of Qin Opera.

In the past ten or twenty years, Qin Opera has experienced the torment of life and death. Sanyi Club and Yisu Club are struggling with life and death. A large number of Qin Opera actors have been forced to leave the stage and move on to a new battlefield. There should be many successful transformations among these people. Among them, one of the three original women became a writer and won the Bing Xin Prose Award. She is teacher Zhu Peijun. Reading her work “The Destiny of Qin Opera”, she wrote about people and things, love and tears related to Qin Opera. In her heart, she never left Qin Opera. Every time she learned Qin Opera and played Qin Opera, they all flowed into her writings. the excellent Essay word, his writing vivid language, emotion abundant, its public-spirited person, considerate, quite popular.

She is such a perfect writer who combines Qin Opera with life . Why she wrote so passionate, so touching , perhaps, opera characters both good and bad has been a part of her blood is in the opera characters feel a sense of natural, magnificent chapter Zhu Peijun on the achievements of the teacher, is the drama off screen His chivalrous tenderness touched all the surrounding beings. Meeting old friends in a foreign country, setting up the Qin style in Beijing, showing the colorful Qin Opera on the professional stage in Beijing, and letting the wandering villagers feast their ears. This is really like life !

Once upon a time, professional Qinqiang opera troupes were struggling, but amateur Qinqiang competitions were on a whim, and folk singing would be very popular. A woman from the north of Xianyang sings the Northwest from the folk stage, especially the lingering bitterness of the drama, the love is sincere, and when the climax is full of tears, her feelings are sorrowful, and she is an amateur Qin opera actress. Shang Fanghui. She has no experience in a professional theatre school, nor has she received any school education.

From an early age, she followed her uncle in the countryside to run with her uncle. She developed an iron voice on the weddings and ceremonies. She became a tear-jerking drama. Through the competition, she quickly became famous in the Northwest and became a well-known folk singer. As a result, her life has also undergone earth-shaking changes. She bought a property in the city, performed in a theater, didn’t have to walk around the streets, and didn’t worry about wind and rain. She became a veritable city dweller.

This is the tempering of her life, and her words and sentences are filled with blood and tears. The hardships of life made her Qinqiang singing career, and the hardships of life made her bleak voice. It is her persistence and experience for decades, and thousands of performances on stage, which have shaped her personality charm. Isn’t this a reappearance of life like a play, this is a vivid portrayal of life like play.

Qin Opera is a drama and life. It is they who are performing Qinqiang with a colorful life, and Qinqiang is also showing a splendid posture because of their integration!

May the future of Qin Opera be prosperous and bright, and hope that more of them will sing for Qin Opera and themselves!