Youth is a feast of life

I think there is no happiness at all in a person’s life, no happiness is ridiculous, intermittent, because we have to go through ups and downs under our feet, where can we laugh and talk, and where can we talk about birds and flowers.

Therefore, we have to sing tragedy with comedy. We have no choice but to sing so miserably until the day we die, because human life is short, coming and going in a hurry.

We have already set aside our lives. We cannot escape, and we cannot choose. Youth is a feast of life, but each of us has to go through this feast.

In this feast, we have cried, laughed, hated, and hurt

We have also been surging passionately, and that’s how we have experienced all the unknowingly, about life, about the feast of youth, we have no room to keep him, really can’t keep it.

Therefore, life is a feast. It will take us far and forever, and we will not be able to see the realm of our own life when we are far away. Life is a beautiful song, and it will compose a lot of life songs to let us in Kailanli smiled and flew along the way.

Youth is a feast of life, let us embrace youth, dance lightly, and dance all the beauty. Dancing all the happiness of the years.