You come in winter and become my life

When the last maple leaf fell from the tree, it was also a time when my heart flew to your chest, looking for the warmth in my heart, the happy moment of being cared for ! Suddenly discovered that this winter with you is not too cold. Just like this, when you come, the beautiful and warm atmosphere has taken possession of me and has become my life.

Winter is here, the leaves are yellow, the weather is getting cold, the birds are resting, the tigers are back to the mountains, the geese are flying south, the pandas are going abroad, people are ready to welcome the new year, dear you! Why haven’t you hibernated yet?

Thank God for the air that allows me to survive; thank God for the food that keeps me healthy; the most important thing is to thank God for giving you to me and make me happy forever!

You are the best actress in my mind.

You are a goddess carved with ivory, generous, dignified, gentle, and quiet, all of which make men deeply worship.

You are like the petals covered with dew, bringing me a fragrance; you are like the dove whistle across the blue sky, bringing me peace and pursuit of soul.

You are like a soft cloud floating in front of my eyes, and your beautiful face is full of spring-like smiles.

The way you smile is the most touching. Two thin lips are smiling, long eyes are smiling, and two deep dimples on your cheeks are smiling.

You may not have looming dimples, but your smile must be ashamed of the moon and flowers.

You may not have watery and sparkling eyes, but your eyes should also look passionate and seductive.

You may not have a cluster of cherry lips and two rows of shell teeth, but your conversation should also be elegant and refined and witty.

This winter, you came and became my life.