You are mine

The prince may encounter thousands of roses in his life, but he chose the most delicate one. This is an ordinary rose, but for the prince, thousands of roses are not comparable to this one, because this rose was watered by the prince himself, and the prince personally protected the rose with a protective cover. The prince’s rose could not be hurt by wind and rain. Among thousands of roses, this rose has become the only prince, and the prince has also become a faithful believer of these roses.

Xu Zhimo once said, “To visit my only soul mate in the vast sea of ​​people, I am lucky if I get it; I can’t, my life”. In this world, it is indeed a blessing to be able to find the only partner. How many people have spent their entire lives unable to find a soul that fits in. In the boundless world, one person comes in a hurry, and one person walks away regrettably. After all these years, they will be annihilated in this world.

You buried the bones in the mud under the spring, and I sent the world to the world full of snow. Since the confidant is gone, how can the jade be broken. To love , affection between, friendship is the third stunning save in the feelings of the world, like-minded, sympathetic, willing to think life care. We meet a lot of people every day, tall, short, fat and thin, and of different shapes, but the one who makes us really spend our minds is always the one we ask for. You are beautiful, and the beauty makes people empty. The one I am willing to guard will always be the one I rushed to.

When it is silent, I am willing to listen to its silence, when it is noisy, I am willing to accompany it to dance, in every morning and dusk, I quietly wait for its sleep and awakening. Because in my heart, it is my only one, and I am willing to do anything for it willingly. Gaoshan is silent, but allows the gurgling of the water. You are the exception and the only one, and it is something I can meet but cannot ask for.

The yard with trees in Houhai, the jade of Xia Dynasty, the cloud at this moment, and you in your twenties are all things that I can meet but cannot ask for. We are too demanding of a person. We hope that he has both self-cultivation and family, and can better govern the country and the world.

One person, two shoulders, will always bear thousands of burdens, walking alone, most of them are bent by the burden on the shoulders, and later generations often blame this kind of blame on the beauty, so the confidant always bears the disaster. The overthrow of the country is always because of the beauty of the country, and the country suffers. The beauty is so innocent. When the empire is strong, the beauty is a symbol of the prosperity of the empire. When the empire declines and no longer needs her, the beauty becomes the demon girl who harms the country.

He looked back and smiled and smiled. The sixth palace has no color. What he wants is nothing but a lovebird in the sky, and a branch in the ground. But after all, I can’t escape the end of the world for a long time, and this hatred will never end.

When the stars are all over the starry sky, and the bright moon replaces the setting sun, your little prince, crossing the galaxy thousands of thousands, will eventually reach you.