Yes, late autumn is coming

Foreword: When I was young, I thought that not reading is not enough to understand life . It was only later that I realized that if I didn’t understand life, I couldn’t read books. The meaning of reading is probably to study with the feelings of life , and to live with the gains from reading.

I long for Qiuyang to bathe in front of the window, refracting the corners of the room, white and flawless, moving with the curtains, the most warmth. This autumn, as if, indulged in one cup after another, but the crystal clear inscriptions, time flies, scrolling to the yellow book.

It seems that even a smile and every move will seem so cautious and slow. For fear, if one is not careful, just such a bright and distant tranquility, it will soon disappear from your eyes.

Put aside the tediousness, behave time, cherish it is not easy, and cherish the action. Just like, I have always lived in my heart, a cluster of four seasons that are born toward the scorching sun, like entering a quiet place, like a place where no one is, warm, but never hot. Pure, but never sloppy.

Full of this late autumn time and space, pouring down thousands of miles. Under the familiar breath, Simu Longshan, look at its wisdom, Yangon and dust.

Yes, late autumn is coming, this is autumn. Taking advantage of the cool autumn breeze, embracing the fruit, when it flows in the joy of harvest, what is most entitled to embrace is not you, like my fathers and villagers.

Elegant blue sky and white clouds, mountains and water. There are cities and neon. Poetic and picturesque, but never stopped, to outline the blueprint of the dream. There is a way, where the heart comes, and the intention dictates it. One reed to sail, life is like an adversary. In the past years, the hibiscus has never stopped. I will never stop, I will believe it.

The future can be expected, as long as you still have light in your heart, you can be bathed in this, thick and faint light all the time. And the highest quality of empty thoughts, I also believe that even this lazy and comfortable. As the saying goes, knowing others is wise, knowing oneself knows. The winner is powerful, and the self-victor is strong.

That’s great. Choose the right one and follow it, choose the wrong one and change it. Just like, it is easy to give up, but after you choose to try, persist after thousands of hard work, persistence is easy, but give up after you try and give up thousands of times.

It’s the same as no one’s success in one step. It’s the same. You have to work steadily, go through all kinds of speed changes, and explore it in tumbling and rolling. Don’t wait for those who are successful, they have already succeeded, and you I just thought of him. A lifetime of redness, a lifetime of passion, and a lifetime of love. Choose a lifetime, from a lifetime, to a lifetime (loyalty), so that it will not be perfect and flawless.

While young, while mentors (famous teachers, masters), helpful friends, nobles, and Bole are still there. In the wind and the rain, I don’t happen to be here. Qingfeng Culture and Art Research Center is waiting for you. I moved to a new house and live on the second floor. I am happy today, so I can, from 9 to 5, without restriction.

But it seems that I have always been, never restrained. Standing at thirty, not confused at forty, so even, let me be lazy for another ten years, do what I like to do, and go by myself, insist on choosing and think that I will choose the right path.

It can also shield the noise from the outside world, for dreams, for the future, for the present, and even the past. Also, why not do it. There is no false feelings, and no pretense. A little bit tired, in fact, it’s really nothing. Real gold is not afraid of fire. It can’t be faked if it’s true, and it can’t be real if it’s fake.