Years old, love has become a war

Falling at the corner of the years, falling on your heart, ending in the corridor of time, our story does not have a perfect ending, but it was amazing at first sight, and an encounter made two strangers gradually Walking into each other’s world, the two hearts gradually began to approach. An unforgettable time always keeps my memory fresh, but we are strangers. You became the cinnabar mole in my heart, but I gradually faded out. Your world, time can change everything, but it hasn’t changed how I miss you. The years have grown old, but it can’t take away the melancholy between the eyebrows.

Fanghua is like a dream, the years are like a shuttle, and the years of song are shining with bright light, making my world easy to shine. The moment I meet you, my heart beats faster, and my face shows a faint smile. Song, who has written romantic poems in the most beautiful youth? Who has a beautiful dream like a fairy tale, soaring freely in the dream?

Like a flying swallow, dancing with a light posture, running to the side of the beloved boy. The quiet night is always suitable for quiet reverie. The girl’s thoughts are revealed under the moon, but I At night, I will give you a pen and a gift, between the words and the lines, bit by bit, everything is related to you.

The mountains have woods but the trees have branches. The happy king Xijun does not know, the words that have never been spoken are always buried in the bottom of my heart, but you never know what I want for you, time just passes by every minute and every second, My heart also began to become restless, I want to see you, so I don’t hesitate to spend all my energy trying to tell you what I want for you, but I want to say nothing. When we were young, we didn’t understand love, but we always wanted someone. I have been able to protect myself for the rest of my life, and now I have seen the joys and sorrows, but I never met a person worthy of my life, but occasionally, I still think of the young man who lives in my heart, no matter how the years change, he is always in your heart. ,Never leave.

The charming and romantic dreamland has beautiful the entire past. The teenager who lives in the heart will always walk into the dream quietly. The dream is so beautiful but the reality is so cruel. The dust in the fireworks always disappears inadvertently. People who are humbled into the dust are always not favored by their loved ones. In the past, I thought that the more you pay for you, the more you will fall in love with me. Now I have discovered that people who cannot be obtained No matter how much you give, you can’t get the desired result. The stars are shining. I rushed to the starry sky where you were in my dream. You hugged me tightly with a bright smile on your face. I lit the fireworks of love for you. You and I hold hands together, walk across the stone bridge, and enjoy the beautiful scenery quietly.

Dreams are always so beautiful, and the cruel reality is often unpredictable. You in the dream, enjoying the beauty of life with me, only after waking up did I find that everything has never happened, and the distance between you and me is not far Not close, I will still feel nervous in front of you, knowing that there will be no results between each other, but I still choose to go all out, and I have concerns about love, but I still have no hesitation, I will run to you without hesitation, and choose without hesitation Silently accompanied by your side, without asking for any response, time passed quickly, and we gradually faded from the youthful youth, the person living in my heart is still you, but you never give me what I want The answer, written in the text, recorded unforgettable thoughts, you will not know all the thoughts.

Until later, I could no longer restrain myself and told the secret hidden in my heart, but you were surprised at this. The sudden confession made you at a loss. I looked into your eyes and felt uneasy in my heart, misty moon. Luster, with a poetic and romantic atmosphere, I looked at your beautiful profile, how I hope the time will freeze at this moment, but I haven’t thought about it, the corner of your mouth shows a faint smile, the sudden confession, I got your response , The hug you gave filled my heart with joy. Now, I have got my own happiness, but I have begun to worry about gains and losses. I am afraid that you will leave my world at some moment, and from then on, I will be a stranger to me. .

Watch the stars in the sky with you, enjoy the shade in the courtyard, walk through the bustling streets with you, buy exquisite gifts on the side of the street, the folding fan you bought for me, I will collect it carefully, and the text I wrote for you , You read it over and over again, walked through the ancient roads, chanted thousands of years of poems, the story of the wind, the snow and the moon, the story of the gifted and beautiful women, the ancient city that is always so touching, poetic and picturesque but full of charm, is the place I have always longed for, sitting on a leaf boat, and You can admire the lakes and mountains together, the beautiful mountains and clear waters, and the picturesque scenery. I am deeply intoxicated and unable to extricate myself from it.

You play the jade flute in your hand, the melodious and mellow string rhythm echoes throughout the mountains, I quietly sing cheerful ballads, how I hope to watch the scenery of mountains and rivers with you, and write the most gorgeous in life with you Poems, an ancient city full of poetic flavor, people come and go, literati and mosques often write down their feelings on the wall, each poem has a different charm, I read it quietly, and fell in love with it inadvertently, you take it I picked up the jade flute in my hand and played the melodious and melodious music again. I listened quietly, and my heart gradually became calm.

Time has taken away the youth and frivolousness, but it makes you gradually fall in love with me, who has faded away. When I was young, I thought that no matter how much I paid for you, you would dismiss it. Now I found out that it was in your heart. I have always been there, but I am not good at expressing the emotions in my heart.

It was not until the moment I confessed to you many years later that I found out that you also loved me deeply, but deliberately pretended to be indifferent. You, beautiful and gentle as jade, kissed my forehead gently, and made a vow of love with me. Fireworks bloomed in the sky. As soon as we sued and talked about each other’s thoughts, how much we hope that time can be suspended.

You are playing the jade flute under the moon, and I write on the letter paper, poetic and romantic romance, with a little bit of sweetness, and I who fall in love, I will write a preface for you every day. Lingering love words, gentle and considerate of you, took me to many places I have never been to, wrote a lot of poems for me, I read it quietly, happiness is the feeling lingering in my heart, you are such a man, with delicate beauty Her face, her fair face is always with a faint smile, and the affectionate eyes are full of affection, but I am immersed in the sweetness of love, how I wish I could be with you forever, but I didn’t think about it. I will experience parting.

On the day of parting with you, you gently took my hand and told me, when you are successful, you will grant me ten miles of red makeup. I wiped the tears from the corners of my eyes, but my heart could not be calm for a long time, watching you go away From behind, my heart began to damp. Looking at the poems you once wrote for me, my heart began to ache, but I had to accept the cruelty of reality. Perhaps this is how people are. After parting, they begin to drift away. Until the end, gradually faded out of each other’s world, all promises of love will become lie, all romance and sweetness will turn into the past, but I have always been greedy for the beauty of love, but I have never thought about it, the cruel reality .

Waiting day after day has become a habit. At the moment when you wrote me less and less letters, I realized that the relationship between us has faded a lot, and you still have my figure in your heart, but you can’t Not facing the choice of fate, my melancholy is all about you, but I am still used to facing everything alone, youth is no longer, age is easy to grow old, and my face has traces of time.

The world’s heat and cold have been tasted, and the joys and sorrows of the world have long been seen. You have promised me Changan for the rest of my life. Once you promised me, the night of Chang’an City is so long. A bright moon illuminates the horizon, but my heart Under the moon, the original shape appeared, and a clear song rang outside the Yanyu Building. I listened to the song, and my eyes were sparkling with tears.

Have you forgotten my existence, or do you have compelling difficulties in your heart, why can’t you see your reply? Have you forgotten your vows, or are you immersed in your fame and fortune? Why do I wait for a long time, but I still don’t see you?

It was not until a long time passed that I realized that I and you were already drifting away. There are traces of time on your face. My heart has already gone through the vicissitudes of life. When I meet again, I realize that there is no tacit understanding between each other. Although you are still unmarried and I am still unmarried, we will never go back to the past. There were countless differences between each other. In the end, we were strangers, but never appeared in each other’s world.

From young and frivolous to vicissitudes of life, from the beginning of the cardamom years, we have spent a good time with each other, that time is always the best time in my heart, just because I have loved you desperately , The words you wrote for me are already yellowing, the folding fan you gave me is already worn out, but I still reluctant to throw it away, I still remember the time I met, knew, and fell in love with you, but I never had my heart anymore. Waves.

Nowadays, I have looked down on everything and the love I once dreamed of, but I have long been accustomed to being with loneliness. The bright moon on the horizon is still bright and the night of Chang’an City is still as lively as usual, a beautiful and shy girl. , The story of the young man who still admires the gentle and handsome, the gifted man and the beautiful woman still circulates, but the scenery remains the same, the people are different, and everything has already turned into the past.