Xinyu Qian Yin Dyeing Ink Fragrance

A ray of flower soul, a poem of spirituality and graceful chapters, the red dust blooms in the past, and the love of the buddha is boundless, the bright and delicate magnetic flower buds bloom dazzlingly in the heart, thousands of thoughts, tired of the colorful time , Over the years, I watched with you across the bank. With its obsessive enthusiasm, into the unforgettable nostalgia, engrave the eternity of the old and the waste in the heart. Although the years are passing by and the passing of years is over, it is said that a round of Quyue writing is not young. There is no regret in this field, and the tears are suppressed for every song. It is time to be quiet and help me half-read! Like the water, I raise my glass and send it in the distance, whisper softly, sing in my heart, and dye the fragrance of ink—–inscription

The space of fate together, accompanied by the season of flowing fire, in the corridor of the mid-summer of July, share the whirling of the colorful hundred-day red swaying the lush branches, the lavender is solemn and elegant, the magenta embraces a touch of essence like the morning glow, white and flawless flowers Lei Li rendered a jade fragrance like a broad magnolia, and the bees and butterflies wandered around, lingering forever. The wisps of fragrance spread the beauty of summer, the flowers of Fang Fei are pure and elegant, the lotus in the moonlight of the lotus pond, and the enchantment of the blue emperor’s magical hand, the dazzling skirts of emerald green leaves rotating and overlapping, the gentle breeze is set off. The warm skirt, flicking the heart of a colorful lotus, bright and beautiful, I take a tidbit, gentle and fragrant clothes, embellish a Qing sentence, a happy joy, and a love. The sparkling blue waves rippling the ripples of the fragrance and laughter, warm in the drifting, waiting for the flowers. For the first generation of Ruwan, the concentric lotus Ana is multi-faceted, lifelike, and standing in the center of the heart lake. If I turn into a fairy of Lingbo, I would sit in the wind, “Use flowers as paintings, and flowers as poems”, Jinfen Exquisite is like the realm of orchids, and the beauty is also quiet and far away. The flower dye incense in poetry, the beautiful and graceful word chapter engraved branded on the Hong Jian, not there, not Ming is willing meaning that drive mountain Tiao delivery of in order to warm the text of, and the scent of ink as partners, Following the rhythm of flowing tenderness, Feng Yi is invited to compose a song of lovesickness.

Tonight, the twilight is lush, the stars and the moon are shining, the light haze, the night is faint, and the rhythm of a heart sound can be heard quietly, playing in the sea of ​​love in the heart and lake, there is a romantic wave, holding a passionate pen, using the tip of the pen The temperature depends on the one closest to your heart. There is the blossom of the cherry blossoms in the garden, and the lingering of the maple leaf dye; there is the joy of wind, flowers, snow, and the moon, and the graceful rhyme of the heart of the spring and Zen; there are years as quiet as the beginning, and there are also the reunion of the weeping ones. It is often moved by the feelings of his heart, is time passing by? Its years have added fragrance to the king? Or time me, with a season of flowers blooming, immersed in happiness, warmth, fashion and romance in your and my heart Intoxicated with dreams.

Writing and thinking deeply, holding one’s cheeks intently, staring into the distance, wanting to be incapable, sing softly, smoke cage cold water and moon cage sand, prosperity and sinking finally vanish. Three thousand roads in weak water, suddenly looking back, holding his hand in a dispirited place. That season, I looked back at my eyes with shocking eyes, shy face, low eyebrows and small smiles, the warmth of fingertips, like an electric current directly to the love road in my heart, leisurely my heart Qingqingzi wear, leisurely I think Qingqingzijin, time flies like a shuttle , Galloping forward, the years flow, rushing out of the sky, but in the vicissitudes of life, I am shocked and exuberant, telling the joy of the two feelings, the heart is sweet, the love is drunk, and my heart is spring warm from now on The flowers bloom, a beautiful fragrance.

In the quiet, quiet and elegant place, I sit alone at the Xiaoxuan window, as if my heart is bright and my eyes are bright, slowly drawing my eyebrows ecstatic, wearing beautiful red makeup. Passionate thoughts are like spring dreams, dreams are drunk with gorgeous beauty. Sijun’s charming smile is a little bit intoxicated, the dynasty is lovable, the twilight is lovesick, and his thoughts are thousands of prayers that he looks like he will stay with his face, and his heart is close together! Transformed and displaced, on the three-life stone, whispered, whispered, drunk on the water, listened to the buds sang among the flowers, and looked at the flowers and dances. Even if you reincarnated for thousands of years and thousands of years, this life is only to be able to be warm to you, and In the same sequence, the king looks at the flowers in the morning, the beautiful sunset in the evening, and the shining stars at night. Accompanied by spring flowers and autumn moon, spend the beautiful day together, compose a song of mountains and flowing water in the mirror image of sunrise and sunset, without any regrets.

Lovesickness springs into springs, and with the words of cotton and love, it becomes beautiful butterflies fluttering, surpassing thousands of waters, traveling thousands of mountains, looking forward to the emperor’s world, and drawing a picture of the collection. Long love with Jun Chenxi, faint dream. With a wanyun, twist a lotus in the ink fragrance to relax the volume, listen to the Sanskrit sound with the rhyme of the lotus rhyme with the fragrance of Zen, Zhang slowly, each word is queer, and go forward in the words piously. Rhyming is like the scenes of life are like words, plucked like a heart song flying, if the sanskrit sound entangles the heart to nourish the heart of love, let the ethereal beauty of Zen leaping on the paper, pure, sincere, kind and beautiful, through the gentle sentences under the pen, It will be filled with joy and joy in the past years. If every poem is known by its text, the beauty is like a spring breeze.

When the years passed over and over again, the rhyme of Song Ci was crushed, and the words scattered in the Japanese were picked up, planted deep in the stone road of Ruta, among the flowers, in the space of heart language, and put comfortable and relaxed wings in the space of heart language, like neon clothes, light and soothing, The vast field, like a heart flower in the heart, is in full bloom, exuding the fragrance of the heart, singing in a low voice, wishing that the prince of a distant place will no longer be alone, and the prince of the end of the world will never be far away. The rain stops, the heart is flying with colorful rainbows, the clean earth is charming, the flowers are faintly scented, and there is that quiet and elegant leisure atmosphere, at the flowers around the threshold, cut the soil by hand, bury the flower embryo in the soil, and also bury your own A piece of Su Xin is at ease on the day of elegance. When the flowers bloom, they will be full of fragrance, and they will be calm and elegant when they return to the soil.

In the quiet night, the imaginary steps always seem a bit heavy. The morning light of the day is spent, the morning dew and the glorious rising sun are bathed, the bright red sunset is ushered in, the sunset glow like flames, the deep mood of the twilight, and will Feel a lonely and sleepless night, looking far away from the window, watching the cold moonlight and shadow all over the courtyard. Looking at the stars, you suddenly feel the stars shining brightly on the glass windows, and the refracted scenery is like a clear, quiet and beautiful, exquisite and translucent water, like a crisp jade flute. The soft person is calm and calm, and his simple language flows in the painting, and his feelings are lightly hidden in the Zen rhyme. All are lightly bitter and have a warm taste. Memories have gradually thinned out, and filled with plain papers, flying like a kite in the silent night, with aura flying in the sky, suddenly adding a little melancholy and sadness. Once upon a time, my heart was filled with beauty, but also drunk and hated.

Xinran Painting Workshop in the Red Forest in the Qianmo, inviting the wind and the clouds to float in my heart. With the fragrance of flowers, let the mood full of warmth and fashion, bring a lovesickness, set foot on the joyful boat, sit in the green mountains and green water, embellish the heart with warm eyes, settle in the ink, sparkle and warm the soul The brilliance of the agreement, cherish the fate of no regrets. When the flowers bloom, the years return to the coolness, a line of Qing writing, red sleeves add fragrance, weaving a dream in the sun and flower language, to the depths of the heart, a touch of sincerity of love, openness of love, beautiful and flawless mirror image, wake up a piece of The heart of peace and harmony, engrave two lingering paragraphs. Moon Dance Cloud Sleeve, feel the warmth of inspiration in the heart, and join hands to join hands in this world.

The warm spring flowers bloom in the seasons of the years, and the wind, flowers, snow and moon in the time are always like a jade pond in the mountains and rivers, rippling in the sparkling blue waves, the bird’s wings fan beautifully, shuttles on the red moss, and flies with thick clouds. For a moment, Fang Shui, one of the flowers whispering, started painting Danqing for half a month. Who caressed me? Who will stare at me affectionately? The scenery of Jiu Dongli is a kind of writing style. Draw a circle with the light of the bright moon, and the poem with splash ink has a long charm. With the plain text, the petals of a pavilion containing incense, divided by the fragrance of incense, are scented in your dreams, slowly, lingeringly, and tenderly every colorful and clear water night. Tonight, I hide my book in the moonlight, fearing it will be broken to the ground; tonight, I will put the king in my heart, for fear that I will not be able to find him when I look back; tonight, I will write your book in the words, so it is available, and I will depend on you forever , Xinyu Qianyin dyed ink fragrance.