Winter language in the sunset

Lightly rolling the curtain under the setting sun, the fragrance is set against the thoughts of the sunset like brocade, Ruoyunyan bonfire is burning in the sky, nostalgic for the end of the world, and the last supper of the cape, entrusted to neon, send a finger to the beautiful purple and red, compose the red dust and purple street , The fleeting Suyun is tender and tender, a pillow of chrysanthemums and shadows, a touch of sentimentality, and a line of rhyming verses, all can’t help rendering in the empty heart wandering, looking far away, the sunset and the clouds are dancing, thoughts are in Standing lightly in the breeze and dusk, it looks tender and tender, the setting sun is set against the sparkling blue waves, and similar flames are burning in the water of tenderness,

Looking up at the blue sky, a group of wild geese lined up in the shape of “people” or “Zigzag”, flying towards the sky in the north, the light winter is coming, and the distance seems to be calling all the migratory birds to live through the winter, and the deep and vast sky embraces the splendid wings of a hundred birds Poems and picturesque, at this moment I want to treasure Tuoyun girl well, give the breeze and bright moon, lightly chant the poems of spring flowers, summer rain, autumn and sincere winter in the hearts of lovers.

Looking far into the empty heart, a touch of rouge curtain, hand in hand with unbearable memories of looking back, drifting leisurely with the wind, scattered like clouds and smoke, without a trace, misty in the vast and boundless blue sky, splashing ink on a smart and gorgeous picture, sunset glow Can be like a flame, the dusk is heavy, the night is dim, the birds return to the forest, the fishing boat returns to sail, sparkling a bright moon than the reflection in the water, bright and bright, the stars are shining, reflected in the water, a silver-white halo shines with shining tens of thousands of points, carrying one Ye Lanzhou, pulling a thin wisp of moonlight, drawing tenderness and grace, and retrieving the clearness and purity that she is familiar with. Looking for the beautiful dreams of the lush years, dye a finger with a radiant beauty, like a butterfly fluttering back and forth, if Yingge is graceful and melodious, with a charming smile of a hundred flowers. A gleam of light in the bath, a trace of tranquility in the waiting, a leisurely sigh, so graceful and quiet.

When the bright moon was there, Zeng Zhao Caiyun returned. The once warm and peaceful, once romantic and charming, have been as light as clear water, knocking on the keyboard and whispering, telling the popular poems in the cycle of life, printing a memory like the fragrance of jasmine, permeating the fragrance of a piece of paper , Write down the bitter and melancholy thoughts of Acacia in autumn, appreciate the crystal clear whiteness of the ice and snow in the cold winter and the twelfth lunar month, and look at the prosperity and sorrow of the flowers indifferently.

Qing Yin Tang Dynasty poet Li Qiao’s “Wind”: Relieve three autumn leaves and bloom February flowers. Thousand-foot waves across the river, leaning into the bamboo ten thousand poles. Suddenly feel the power of the wind, which can make the leaves of late autumn fall off, and urge the flowers of early spring and February to bloom. When it passes by the river, it can set off thousands of feet of waves, and when it blows into the bamboo forest, it can blow thousands of green bamboos crookedly.

This “Wind” shows the natural phenomenon of wind by describing the three-autumn leaves and February flowers that are affected by the wind. The whole article does not mention a single word of wind, but every sentence is wind. The wind is invisible, and the flow of air forms the wind. But it is tangible. A breeze passed by, the grass nodded to the people with a smile, the flowers were swaying in the wind, changing the way, and the smoke was dancing with the rhythm of the wind to dance straight to the sky, slender. The willow branches flicked the faces of the people under the tree.

The wind also has its own thoughts and feelings. When it rejoices, it is often accompanied by drizzle. When spring comes, the wind passes through the mountains, the spring breeze in February is like scissors, and the spring breeze is blowing like a “flying” skirt. After combing, the spring breeze awakens the hibernating willows, the spring breeze brings the flying swallows, the spring breeze has greened thousands of gutters, the spring breeze has awakened the youth of the grass, and it has also sowed the full of spring in people’s hearts.

To accompany the winter girl in the nature, let her mood be at ease, let her soul be cultivated, cherish the rare leisure time, carefully sandwich the leaves of autumn with the leaves between the pages of the collection of lyrical prose in winter , and store them in In the mind of memory! The years flow, stretch and flow, and rhythmic notes linger in the ears, silky strands, like warm sun, and swaying like a breeze.

In my eyes, there is only winter and only warm sun. She is simple and complex, simple and profound. Breathing the chilly fresh air, embracing the innocence and simplicity that nature specially bestows! The charm of the crystal clear ice heart and jade bones, wiping a beam of red light, illuminating the magnificence of the ice, is a dazzling picture rendered by the Harbin ice sculpture art, carving a dazzling array of ice sculptures of different shapes, chiseling a set of wonderful The splendid and ingenious scenery, build a beautiful mirror image of mirages, and build a wonderful work of ice sculpture art, making the winter scenery and spring bright and charming.

Appreciating the misty pine waving in the wind by the Songhua River, it is like a white-haired witch, fluttering in the breeze, looking at the snow lion in the west, and praying for the next year’s weather to be good and auspicious! Looking at the snowy plateau, Mount Everest is snow-capped, The scenery is infinite, and the Yarlung Zangbo River turns the sincerity of spring, summer, autumn and winter into the best wishes, flowing to the north and south of the motherland. Holding the snow lotus blossoms on the Tianshan Mountains , picking the red beans from the Nanshan Mountains, and sending them to lovers, as a token of pure love , picking slices of shy red maple, and presenting arrogant and sonorous chrysanthemums, blessings The winter is warm and happy, happy and sweet, all the best, all wishes come true, bathed in the bright sunshine, I wish my career prosperous and prosperous!

Wandering through the winter years, praying for the energy that warms the heart, of course, can also nourish the soul. Under the winter sunset, I watch the fluttering snow with my heart, leaving pure and flawless whiteness on the vast land. I use the feelings of my soul to describe A cold and blooming winter plum blossoms, at this moment, in the winter language under the setting sun, a delicate fragrance is brewing in the heart.