We share the past, but each has a future

Many people say that what they fear most is that they suddenly understand a song. I didn’t understand the world in the song, but suddenly understood my own past.

It took Liu Ruoying 19 years to make “Later” into a movie, but why did you cry when you watched it?

Milk Tea sang “Later” at a concert, tears streaming down her face, who did she think of?

Pu Shu sang “Farewell” on the show, choked up a few times, and who did he think of?

Which city and the people living there do you think of now?

Have you ever had such a love. Station and airport, time and distance. You have walked a long way together and endured a lot of hard work, but in the end you still failed to pass that hurdle. There is no derailment, no betrayal, no dog blood, but there is no way to continue being together, because you find that you are thousands of kilometers apart, and even quarrels are hysterical without temperature, although you really really love you. I just love to the end, I can’t love it anymore.

We have all experienced acquaintances and acquaintances, and then fell in love and stayed with each other. We also had misunderstandings and quarrels. Tickets, chat records, and memories. This kind of love story is not tortuous, not bizarre, and full of secular fireworks. It is not a movie scene, but it is true and cruel.

Later, finally one day, I said calmly to break up. Since then, there has been one more city on the earth that I would never dare to go to again. But the reason for the breakup is hard to say, and I can only say a little: I’m really tired.

You who can’t hold you and can’t see the future, are finally defeated by time, you are finally no longer a secret in my life, that period of the past has also become a story of a smile after drinking.

Maybe the person who let go first will understand in a few years,

The most beautiful thing in life is to meet, and the most rare thing is to meet again. If we can meet again for a long time, I hope you won’t come here unscathed.