Values ​​determine choice

” Life is a kind of endless longing. The longing rises constantly to become greater and noble.” Durgal defines life in this way . In life, people keep pursuing with longing, and some people are lost in material pleasures. The self is trapped in an endless vortex of matter, and some people enjoy spiritual abundance and move toward the nobility of life. The difference in life values ​​determines the difference in choices.

Because of the nobility of the spirit, people choose to move forward firmly. When the painter and writer Mu Xin lived in New York, under the conditions of extremely scarce material, he began to lecture on the ” History of World Literature ” in a foreign country . Suddenly, a “literary expedition” lasting five years, was 62 years old when he started speaking. Throughout his life, intensiveness has been accompanied by intensifying cultural gaps. Between, outside, and after his numerous faults, Mu Xin always put himself as far as possible into the world’s literary landscape. If he did not leave, this tenacious and long-lasting struggle was almost in vain. Mu Xin said, “On my own body, overcome this era.” This is also Mu Xin’s gift to the world, a literary gospel.

There is always a feeling in life, which is that in a life where material conditions are extremely scarce, such as Mu Xin’s “knowledgeable action”, life is difficult but enjoys it. In life, everyone is making unremitting efforts for their own successful future, enjoying spiritual feelings, and different values ​​in life, so that Mu Xin and the “Mu Xins” have a desire to walk on the path of their own choice.

The desire for material values ​​makes people trapped in a whirlpool of material desires. When people are kidnapped by material life, they also restrain the happiness of life. They suffer from the insatiable endless material desires every day, forcing people to choose the detours of life, such as Chen Xitong, Liu Zhijun, Wang Jinsi, etc. The end to destruction is exactly the same. Because the value of life is different, the choice is different.

This is true for corrupt officials, and it is also true for social life. In today’s society, many university professors and researchers who should be steadfast in their knowledge are caught in the quagmire of paper plagiarism and academic plagiarism. In the value concept of material benefits, they have abandoned their spiritual pursuits and desires, and have lost their academic inspiration. , They also lost the happiness of life. In order to quickly obtain the so-called success and fame, they gave up the academic road that they should have adhered to. For everyone, the factors that determine success are different, such as diligence, talent, values, etc. Diligence and talent can determine the thickness of life, use hard actions to speed up the pace of success; and enjoy the value of spirit Can determine the inspiration of life, choose the calmness of life. I think that instead of pursuing the “fast” of material interests, it is better to stick to the “slow” of spiritual sentiment and choose the value concept of spiritual abundance.

“Spring is the rebirth season of nature in a year, and the rebirth season of life is youth only once in a lifetime.” Cicero defined youth in this way. When we are in youth, we face the choices of life. Only by firm and correct life value and enjoyment of spirit can we truly enrich ourselves, move towards the realm of success, and make people walk calmly and wonderfully.