Untie your reins

Li Shutong said that ” life is salty and indifferent.” This is a kind of relief, a kind of etherealness, and a kind of detachment. In the mundane world, people either clenched their fists and couldn’t calm down in anger, or were stuck with the lake they dug and couldn’t extricate themselves.

The foreign object is just a soft cord, the important thing is to release oneself. If spreading out is the imagination of letting go, then making a fist is distrustful and unhappy with oneself. Untie your reins, let yourself go, find a transcendence, detachment.

“Being self-centered, melancholy and sorrowful”, it is difficult for me to let go of my hands and hesitate to the left and right. If the behavior is “there is no big car, no small car”, it is slow to end. Look at Lu Shang sitting on the Weishui River, look at Meng De who is free in the field, Tao Qian who is carrying a hoe and singing, and Li Bai who is so full of alcohol. Let it go. Eventually, there is the personality of “Laughing up to the sky and going out”, and the poetry is transcendent.

“If people are entangled in their own environment and faults, they will die at the foot of the mountain,” Dickens said.

Untie your rope, let the swan goose look down on the sky, let the steed gallop across the wilderness, and let the whales and dolphins swim into the deep sea.

Bing Xin said, “The flowers in the corner, when you are lonely and admire yourself, the world becomes smaller.” And many people always live in a corner, avoiding the vast sky, so they are unhappy, unable to let go of themselves, and seek a kind of narrow peace. Taiwan’s famous National Studies University [Weibo] teacher Gengyun said, “Everyone has his own piece of sky.” When we set out to search, we were always fearful and worried. As Wang Guozhen said, “Since you have chosen the horizon, you will only leave the world behind. Since you have chosen the distance, you will only take care of both wind and rain.” Why is there no routing?

To untie your reins, what is needed is courage, what is needed is fearless, what is needed is self-confidence, what is needed is a kind of relief.

When we are distressed for our own humbleness, when we are sad for our helplessness , why not let go of our hearts, untie the shackles and seek a broader sky, that is a pure land that can accommodate your sorrows and accommodate you Your worries can tolerate your mistakes. It’s more tolerant of your growth and transcendence.

The streamer is easy to throw people away, the cherries are red, and the plantains are green. Time flies without return. If you are still at a loss, you will lose the opportunity to advance. As the old saying goes, “Gray hair has nothing to do with my old age, youth no longer knows what to do, and young and weak are not a boy, and I can’t leave my husband without leaving it.” Untie your reins, let youth have no regrets, have the relief of waving the five strings, and see the tranquility of Guihong. With leisurely watching the flowers bloom and fall in front of the court, the detachment of the sky is everywhere! Looking for an ethereal side, looking for a new world.