Tree standing in the wind

I am a tree, a tree standing in the wind, sometimes sleeping, sometimes awake, with no rules to follow. I cherish the time I am awake. At this time, I will vigorously remember the look of the grass under the stars and the face of the moon.

When I was asleep, it was not completely without feeling. A puppy rubbed against me with its furry ears, and a child crawled on me. Let the little milk cat hug me. It’s strange, it’s obviously my own body, but it always feels like being manipulated by something.

Ah? You asked me when I was here. Alas, I also forgot, I don’t have much time to be awake, so I vaguely remember those vague fragments.

At that time, I was still a small sapling. I was taken home by a child in a daze, and planted in a square yard. People said it was called a courtyard house with blue bricks and black tiles. At that time, I often heard the boys’ parents quarreling, and sometimes they would start their hands. Humans are really irritable. You see, I can laugh at them at will. After all, I don’t need someone to water and prun my branches. The boy is always alone and his eyes are a little dull. He would sit next to me for a while every day, blocking the path of the ants with his fingers, and pinching the little green spider and putting it on me, let alone, I can only see the light in his eyes at that time.

A man is a literary worker, and a woman is a street vendor. Their union stems from women’s worship of men “poetry and the distance”, and ends with women’s poverty of “whatever they are” for men. As a result, the boy is obsessed with biology but is forced to learn the most profitable computer industry, which has become the most innocent price of this marriage. The boy doesn’t understand that “money” is really so important, I don’t understand, is that small machine comparable to my creator?

Later, alas, later, the boy went to college and the woman moved away. Man, get old, just die. Not all like this,

By the way, at that time, when the boy left, I started to be half asleep and half awake. I always feel that the soil under my feet is not as heavy and light as I just arrived, haha, you must think I’m talking nonsense. But this is true, the torso seems to have been hollowed out, and even the juice has been sucked out recently. Am i going to die,

No, really, that’s great. Although there is nothing to look forward to when I’m alive, you see, on the top of my head, that magpie’s egg hasn’t hatched yet.

Later, didn’t I just say it, oh, you ask later. Let me think about it, think about it~ eh, come on, let me tell you about the old man painting the eagle. That old man, I can’t forget Yo. What, painter, hahaha, he is a fruit seller. Don’t worry, I will tell you slowly.

When I woke up again, there was a vegetable market next to it, an office building in front, and a cramped alley behind the vegetable market. I can see these three places, but my favorite is the vegetable market with fireworks. You may not understand what firework gas is, and when you understand it, you may be old.

The people in the office building wear bright and beautiful clothes during the day. At night, you may see them at a cheap barbecue stall on the side of the road. In order not to stain the white shirts they wear the next day at work, they leaned forward and craned their necks. , Feast on it. I want to learn the way a bad boy drinks beer while holding a beer can in his hand, but I can’t keep my nose down. An unknown singer sits in the hair salon around the corner and sings an unknown song. “I’m not reconciled to this, dressed like a living dog”, he stared at the singer, laughed, and cried…

Don’t laugh, these people are all being pushed by an invisible hand, standing on the path of fate, just like everyone around, walking forward without knowing it. You and I are on this road, no one can escape. Alas, I can’t say, I can’t say, if you see through human nature, that would be a leak of the secret, and you will suffer retribution. You see, the stretched thread becomes thinner and thinner, and if you use a little more force, it will break.

Forget it, you don’t understand, you certainly don’t like to listen to these, you should like interesting stories . Here, I will tell you a story, but you will understand after all.

The shop nearest to me was opened by an old man, selling fruits and all kinds of fruits, and many people came here. Half of these people are full of fruits and half are paintings of old people. These days, selling things requires some unique skills to keep people. In the vegetable shop in the middle of the street, the proprietress is a living abacus. Regardless of how many dishes you take, put it on the scale, and the proprietress shouts and takes it. It’s not bad. Think about it, how many vegetable shops there are in the vegetable market, but which one has the most prosperous business.

The same, there is an old man who likes to draw eagles, eagles in various poses are hung everywhere in the shop. To be honest, the paintings are really not very good. They are far from what I saw in the men’s study before. They are neither vivid, vivid, nor arrogant. They are always Changhong, but weird, this one word is enough. NS.

Someone asked him why he painted an eagle. He scratched the back of his head and smiled shyly, “I’m just painting blindly.” Some people asked him what special experience he had with an eagle. He waved his hand and avoided answering. Someone asked him, where is his family, he answered, where did he come from and where to go.

The eagle is strange, and the old man is also strange.

There was a black-and-white TV in the store, squeaking and squeaking. He couldn’t hear anything, but he did just that. He is also willing to bargain with customers, but most people feel sorry for him and do not bargain with him. What’s more, his price is already low.

Yes, he is kind, he is not at all like the old man in that alley. I really don’t understand what the old man thought about opening the bookstore in such a place. The alley was filled with local people’s homes, dark, damp, and cramped, and the smell of the western toilet was passed to the eastern kitchen. As a result, many people moved out and moved into high-rise buildings, forgetting their homes in the alleys.

No, the old man, let his sons and daughters persuade him, do not leave, stay in the alley, and change his home into a bookstore, full of old books and magazines, red, green and green covers, and this shop is somewhat different . The location is not good, and the old man has a bad temper. If he doesn’t agree with a few words, he will be stunned. After opening a shop, his temper will be slightly reduced. When people don’t talk, they won’t quarrel. A magazine is one yuan a book, and a book is 10 yuan a book. I took the book and put the money in the box at the door.

How can it be, no one is the key. Probably one or two people arrived for the first time, got lost, broke into the old man’s bookstore, and bought one or two books in order to ask for directions.

During this period, I seem to have fallen asleep again. I don’t know how long I slept. It should be a long time. No, it must be a long time. When I woke up, everything around me changed. The vegetable market was torn down, and everyone in the memory was dead… Later, I was surrounded by what you see now. That’s it. I don’t know at which moment, the people close to you will be away from you. And gone. Then, you meet other people. In the end, they were all alone. I’m very lonely, people are lonely, I’m lonely, even the Creator is lonely. You say it’s ridiculous, it’s ridiculous that you come to this world lively, and there is a disturbing intersection. A group of people when you are alive, and a person when you leave. It’s really clean.

I’m old too, and I’ll be old. After I die, will someone take me away? It’s hard to be lucky. You see, half of my roots remain in the soil and half are exposed to the air. The part in the soil is hoarse, holding the soil and not letting go, the part in the air is cracked and rugged, and I breathe air.

I’m probably going to fall asleep again. Listening to this is very tired. I’m tired too. You should go.

I am a tree, a tree standing in the wind. Born yesterday, chaotic in this world, lost in the Ming world.

You said, the power that made me sleep, is it me?