Tree, and campus

The flowers of the magnolia tree bloomed again, white and rose-red, dotted in front of the campus, behind the house or by the roadside, so the scent of fragrance spread in every corner of the campus. Two magpies shuttled back and forth on an old water tower that had long been abandoned, and they were busy chatting and nesting there. The previous nest was on the big tree on the construction site of the new school gate. I don’t know when the school was going to expand the new school gate, so the old house, orchard, and the big tree where birds and birds often roost were marked with big The word “demolition”, and then the construction team rumbling like a magician, wherever it goes, it becomes a neon-wrapped building complex.

It was a bright morning on a campus in the central part of the inland. During the winter vacation, students left all at once, and the tranquility of people going to the building made these noisy classrooms, libraries, and playgrounds instantly become still life-like furnishings. The campus without popularity is so pale and unreal. If you say that your heart is suddenly a little empty and lonely, it would seem a bit hypocritical, but when you are greeted and sent, those strange faces slowly become familiar, and then leisurely disappear, the campus shows it The greatest function of loneliness , the repeated loneliness, shows its true nature.

The campus is empty at this moment. You can forget about it. You can put down the mask of being a teacher and throw the dignity of the teacher out of the sky. You start to loosen the tension of the ringtones on your nerves, and then quietly re-examine and think about this familiarity. Suddenly feel strange to the campus…

The magnificent new school gate in front of you is the third expansion you have seen. The first encounter was two normally closed faded wooden gates guarded by an old man. The front and rear gates were full of big trees. The old man closed the students in the campus, and some naughty children climbed past, occasionally being caught When the old man found that he was caught, he would hand the teacher to penalize him and write a review; later, a beautiful concrete communication room was built with electric gates, and Internet cafes, small hotels, and small supermarkets at the door sprung up, squeezing the trees behind him, the guard Checking the passing vehicles at the door, let the students go in and out freely. Later, the new school gate will be opened. The surrounding area has been built into a large square. The huge stone inscribed with the name of the colonel stands in the center of the square. It is said that advanced Monitoring and identification, the security only needs to sit in the air-conditioned room and watch the TV wall…

The changes in the door have not changed your perceptual and rational understanding of the campus. You are used to the understanding of reading. In your mind, “No one asks in the cold window of ten years, and you become famous in one fell swoop” has been deeply ingrained, because you have too much in your bones. The gene of learning and excellence, therefore, the campus is destined to be just a temporary station for students, a training pool where carp jumps into the dragon gate, where the students have been deduced from this gate, mostly obscured, but there are also a few amazing and noble legends. The story …

You said that the first “school” had only trees, no gardens, and of course no doors. Because a certain chain of your DNA is engraved with the scene where the old master set up an altar next to the ginkgo tree, and the disciples who will be worshipping the minister in the future are sitting on the ground. This is the first class of the “Confucius Institute”… Therefore, you It is difficult to examine this garden with a purely teaching and teaching mentality without being indifferent to the future of the students who have gone out of the school.

Do you think that the campus is a place where products are produced. The children on the assembly line line up one by one, and then post a qualified label after processing. But in fact, the real results are not marked as defective or qualified products. They are often not measured by diplomas. Look at the big heads displayed in the school history museum over the past 100 years, which is the true result. What is it called? Yes, it is called the best. In fact, how many “quality” does the old master’s disciples have three thousand? Those who have been remembered for thousands of years, with their names and surnames, are also the “Ten Confucian Philosophers”, so why bother to be outstanding? However, the weight of school history is often not the length of the school, but the number of top quality.

On the campus behind you, there are also some old ginkgo trees. They are straight and tall, and the leaves are golden in autumn. They are very eye-catching. And you prefer to hover under the signage trees. The words, you let your thoughts go, you said that many campuses are proud of how many such old trees they have, and are proud of how many trees are planted, so planting more trees has become a need of campus, and there is a school that is more fashionable. The ocean of cherry blossoms, the maple jungle of a school… Too much publicity will provoke bees and butterflies. If you don’t like it, you still think the sound of books on the boulevard is beautiful. Those old and trendy are just like the ones on the faces of girls. It’s just rouge.

Trees, you think they must be the standard equipment of the campus, not only the exclusive endorsement of the old master, but also foreigners must like it. Otherwise, how could Karl Jaspers of Germany realize that the essence of education is “a tree shakes another.” “A tree” shows that in terms of education, different eras and different skin colors will certainly see the same views as heroes.

You like to worry too much, teachers who are known as gardeners cultivate all kinds of young seedlings, and believe in the creed of “there is no difference”. The phenomenon of the speed of the class and the small stoves of the people from time to time is not contrary to the young seedlings. Is it fair to rain and dew? Sometimes you are very dull: Regardless of each other, how to realize that the old master “above the middleman, you can speak the language; below the middleman, you can’t speak the language”? It can be seen that people also have to be divided into three, six or nine classes, and they are not the same.

You are really a contradiction. Seeing that the parents are busy at the starting line, but are worried that others will help them; try to release the children’s nature, just wait for the flowers to bloom, and fear the children’s barbaric growth…

You suddenly feel that the ancestor of the mountain was a mistake when he chose ginkgo. He wanted fruitful fruits, and his students also spread their branches and leaves. They did not know that the ginkgo, also known as the grandson tree, was so difficult to blossom and bear fruit. On this issue, the old master is really inferior to future generations. They plant peaches and plums, harvest all over the world, blessings and evils?

You mumbled to yourself: A year’s plan is no better than a tree valley; a ten-year plan is no better than a tree; a lifelong plan is no better than a tree. The campus should also be a tree, and it is more than a century-old plan.

The morning glow, carrying the fragrance of magnolia flowers, quietly shrouded the newly built gates and the trees in the school. From a distance, the golden light shines brightly, as if they are shining brightly. Only the magpies in the sky are still flying freely. .