Tour Xishan

Xishan, the grand scene of Kunming. In the early summer, take your children and grandchildren to the Xishan Mountains, refreshing and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Not only exercised the body and mind, but also tempered the sentiment. Praised by the literati and ink guests of the past dynasties! Compose this article for a total of rewards.

The red sun is rising, its avenue of light. The river flows out, and the ocean rushes down. Qianlong Tengyuan, scales flying. The beasts are panicked. My beauty is Kunming Dianchi, I am not old with the sky, and I am strong on the red soil plateau, and I have no borders with the country.

Sleeping beauty, please tell me, where are you from? How to sleep here, the lonely shadow is not only, the outstanding person, the prone posture, the long and elegant hair, the plump appearance, charming and moving, proud of the mountains, standing for generations. The Longmen Grottoes are ingenious and wonderful. They are truly amazing: the mountains and rivers are astonished, and the visitors admire and linger.

The heavens make the mountains of the United States, and the ground shapes the sleeping beauty. In the past hundreds of millions of years, landslides and landslides have been smashed by magical craftsmanship. The cliffs of the West Mountain plunge straight into the sky. Here, the rivers and streams, the green trees, the singing of birds, the crowds gather, the ancient sea of ​​Dianchi Lake, the Guanyin Guanhai, the Purdue sentient beings, the fishing and sailing family, catching fish and cooking shrimps.

As the night fell, Mo Dai was dim, the stars were dotted, the sea and the sky were the same color. It can be said that during the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, Yang Shen praised the West Mountain in “The History of Yunnan Mountains and Rivers”.

Recalling the past, the Emperor of Qin and Hanwu, the rise of ancient Dian, Zhuang entered Dian, letters and letters, the golden seal of Dian king, once returned to imperial power. Five hundred miles of Dianchi Lake has vast smoke, and thousands of acres of fertile fields nourish the generals. Playing in the water at the foot of Wuhua Mountain, catching crabs on the banks of the Cuihu Lake, and paying taxes by the Department of Fisheries. The king of money and Wang Chi, the world is connected, and merchants gather. Zheng He set sail, the hometown of sentiment.

Lan Mao entered Yunnan, “Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”. The number one scholar Yang Shen, stilted on stilts. Ran Weng swipes his pen to create odd alliances in the world. The National Song of Nie Er resounds throughout China. Splitting hills to fill the sea is devastated. Sewage flows across and blue algae are flooded. Look at the present, cut off the pollution and cut off the flow, return the farmland to the lake, the grass grows and the warbler flies, the sparkling waves, the rainbow is flying in the sky, the silver gull is flying high, the golden horse is in the sky, the blue chicken is brilliant.

The clouds are steaming and the sky is the sea, the sky is thick and the mountains are thick, the red sun and the western mountains are joined together, the setting sun and Dianchi sleep together, between the curtain and the curtain, the Buddha’s light is on the cloud, the sky is open, and the sky is magnificent and auspicious. Deduct endless brilliance and splendor.