To cross the catastrophe, cross the heart, cross oneself

After the age of 20, I no longer look forward to my birthday. After all, as the years are getting older, the responsibilities and burdens on your shoulders are getting heavier. Whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not, some roads are destined to go only by one person, and some difficulties can only be faced by yourself.

Want to come to life forever, a thousand catastrophes, anytime and anywhere can kill us by surprise, bruised and bruised. But all kinds of catastrophes are born from a single word of love, love is born because of love, and hatred because of love. Friendship , family affection , and love are all true.

In these years of fighting with life , the first thing I have learned is that people drink water, know how warm and cold they are, live soberly and rationally, and live transparently and openly. But in the end, my practice was not enough. When facing every fork in the road, when making every decision and change, I still have moments of hesitation and helplessness.

In the past few years, my family has been in serious trouble. My parents divorced, my younger brother suffered from depression, and good deeds did not match up. Bad luck followed one after another, leaving my father, and even the whole family badly damaged and broken.

If you think about it, if you can live as you want, who is willing to be bound by life and tired of life; if you can really get rid of pain and forget your sorrow, why should you drink your sorrow and worry more with wine? Living sober is not afraid to indulge, but forced to be helpless, carrying the expectations of many people, and even the burden of life, who can easily unburden and be yourself frankly and easily?

He is already fifty years old when he knows his destiny. His father is both a father and a mother. No matter how tired he is, he has never complained, let alone a tear, but his face is haggard and his smile has diminished. He is no longer that hearty laugh. , Humorous father. As the eldest daughter of the family, I should do my due duties and duties to lighten my father’s burden.

There have been moments of crying with a headache, and awake all night, but after a bitter cry, when dawn is approaching, wipe the tears, I have to be a “hero” again, and continue to fight wits and courage with life. He was on the verge of despair, but when he thought of his young brother and his aging father, after all, he stumbled over one step at a time.

Later I discovered that all the suffering in the world is slowly overwhelmed. Pain without words, suffering without words, anger without fighting, is the most difficult practice in life, and it is also a compulsory course for everyone.

The adult world is traversing the catastrophe every day. One wave is not smoothed and one wave rises again. No one will smooth the waves for you. On the ferry boat, only by crossing the heart can you be able to cross yourself. When the water is poor, sit and watch the clouds rise.

Over the years of fighting wits and courage with life, one disaster after another has wounded me all over, but fortunately, I know that all living beings are suffering, and it is better to ask for yourself. Knowing that the suffering is already here and there is no way to avoid it, one can only be firm and calm, fight with it courageously, without seeking to be the final winner, at least to become the warmest support in the hearts of the family.

The journey of life may be like this: spend a lot of time getting lost and growing in a few moments. Although I have walked in the past few years, when I look back, it is all devastated and unsightly; despite the hard work, I still survived. Although I don’t know when I will be reborn after a catastrophe, as long as I can hold onto my original intention and live a day in the world, even if I live awkwardly, I won’t be in vain.

I am convinced that there is no incurable pain, no irreversible sinking, and all that is lost will return in another way. Something that makes you sad , one day, you will surely smile and say it.

Even if you are already in the world, even if you are sad, you have to pass it. While fighting wits and courage with life, learn to reconcile with yourself.

I just hope that the sadness is exhausted, and the joy can be regained; the bitterness is tasted, and the sweetness can be naturally returned.