Those brilliant details

After the setting sun went down, the lonely night sky was covered with a dark color, and the bright moonlight shone brightly in front of the window.

Brilliant details are my soft spot for art.

Starting, running, and closing the pen is a chic calligraphy process. Dip the pen nib with ink, scrape the pen belly, and then put a few poems on the snow-white rice paper.

The ink spreads on the paper, the air is a little sweet, and the words are dignified and simple, upright and exquisite. Time passed bit by bit. Under the light, there was a small shadow shining, it was a kind of energetic joy.

The splendid details are my passion for my parents.

There was a series of clear footsteps beside the corridor, followed by the melodious sound of metal hitting the cracks of the door opening.

I rushed forward, “Dad, Mom! I’ll help you.” I moved my stupid body, lifted my unharmonious slippers and walked along the corridor, hurriedly helping my parents pick up the red wine and wine-green bag. And bento.

Mother rubbed her sore waist and smiled and nodded at me. Father sat on the sofa and nodded and bowed, giving me a thumbs up. I quickly brought two large cups of colorless and tasteless warm water to my parents.

“Dad, Mom. You have worked hard! Take a break!” I blinked my eyes and pointed to the water on the table.

My father looked at me, who was in a hurry, and then at my mother. He took the water and drank a big glass. The mother took the glass without a hassle, hesitated for a while, and put it down again.

“Study tired, take a break, this glass of water for you to drink. Mom will cook your dinner.” The mother smiled and walked towards the kitchen.

The taste of boiled water is refreshing with the strong fragrance of family affection .

Brilliant details are my yearning for struggle.

On the flaming red track, the students sprinted one by one, swinging their arms, and running. The first battle for hegemony on the playground is my yearning for struggle.

His nostrils exhaled and inhaled quickly, and anxious shouts continued from his throat: “Come on! Full score!” The waves of footsteps were deafening, like thousands of horses galloping.

Brilliant details, prosperous, eternal, and warm.

In the endless years of silence, only because of these fragmentary details, my life has become unique and colorful.