There is a kind of maple love that is intoxicated

This is really a fire in winter, burning the last splendor of the season. The red clouds in the sky burned the heavy winter haze, like flames that rebirth the years, let the time become intense and flexible, and leave a strand in the frost. The heat and warmth, the years are so quiet and beautiful, each leaf is always a secluded love, and when the maple leaf is red, there is always a leisurely narration.

Each maple leaf is like a spark, lingering in the changes of the years in my heart, the hardening of the frosty color, in exchange for the charm of beautiful spring flowers, changed the indifference of time, as if in a natural joy, honesty And enthusiasm, no need to worship or reverence, just wait for the coming of the season, bring hope in the most disappointed, and bring pride in the most disappointed, this is the biggest and last warmth in winter!

Standing under the tree and looking up at the sky, the maple leaves are picturesque, blocking the gaze from afar. The sun glides over the edges of the leaves, as if they are plated with gold. The maple leaves are also inlaid in the sky, engraved with the traces of the seasons, like hearts and blood. The color, so warm and so close, makes people unbearable to leave, even if it is a lonely winter.

When the maple leaves are red, it is actually the most lifeless time in nature. Blossoming flowers have become memories. Frosty and snowy days are direct reality. This is the time when life and emotions are most susceptible to freezing, and the appearance of maple leaves is like a fire in winter, like a bonfire in the ice and snow, how much warmer it has been in the years Those who travel in the depths have comforted the hearts that yearn for warmth.

I always imagine what kind of scene will be if there are blooming flowers in this season. Although it is impossible to know that, even if there are, there are very few autumn and winter flowers with unique floral characteristics. They are flowers like warriors with special missions. Such as chrysanthemum, plum, etc., are called “gentleman”. And Maple Leaf has assumed the responsibility of the flower and the mission of the flower. It is not a flower but it is better than a flower. Because of it, it will not be lonely at the end of autumn and early winter , and it will not be cold.

This is a corner of the city, not the country of red maple in North America. In the Jiangcheng city of Wuhan in the heart of China, there is a maple forest that is not inferior to other places, which has become a unique landscape in this season. In an institution of higher learning, there are red maple trees growing on the front and back of the room and on the sidewalk. This institution immediately becomes a landscape with boundless scenery. The fragrance of books is added to the fragrance of sweetgum, and the youthful face is reflected in the red maple, which is humanity and nature. A wonderful combination, beautiful!

The energetic students dressed in winter clothes marched under the maple tree, and the maple leaves reflected their childish faces. I seemed to see the dialogue between spring and autumn in the years, the love between people and scenery, and even a place. A group of people have the enthusiasm and unrestrained nature and characteristics of being open and tolerant. They have also seen their persistence and perseverance in cherishing the spring and autumn and living up to time. Maple Leaf enthusiastically declares like a page of declaration.

After seeing the maple leaves in this season, my mood will not cool down for a long time. The fire in this winter will make my blood boil. One year, there are always experiences like this, but fortunately, the years are colorful, beginning with green onions and ending with yellow and red. When the maple leaf is red, it is a perfect ending of the years. After a gorgeous warm show, it will usher in a spring scene to continue the vitality and hope, and continue the struggle and glory. Also let us indulge in these ten thousand kinds of maple love!