There are talents in the eyes, there are ways

Use your own knowledge to comment on one thing,

Everything is not perfect;

Use your own mind to save others,

Everyone has shortcomings;

Use your own mind and eyes to ask others,

Everyone is ignorant.

The eye is a ruler, the first measure is the ruler;

The heart is a scale, and you should call yourself before you.

Picking others’ faults, you have imperfections;

Responsible people have their shortcomings, and they also have their own shortcomings.

Keep pressing every step,

Won’t let others go to a dead end,

It will leave you with nowhere to go.

The eyes are always on right and wrong,

Will not let others lose face,

But it will make oneself face disgraced.


There are talents in the eyes, and there is love in the hearts.

One’s tolerance,

From a heart that treats others well;

One’s self-cultivation,

From a heart that respects others;

A person’s cultivation base comes from a kind heart.

People who can tolerate others in their eyes,

So that people can tolerate him.

Someone who knows how to respect others,

In order to get the respect of others.

A gentle mentality is always accompanied,

Let yourself be at peace everywhere.

Don’t comment on a person by your own judgment,

Don’t let your emotions affect others.

One is an independent individual,

The choices of others should be respected.

People cannot be domineering, domineering and without friends;

The heart cannot be selfish, and selfishness is sleepy.


There is love and friendship in my heart,

There is the world in your eyes.

Way, not in the actions of others,

And in self-cultivation.

Sitting in meditation often thinks about yourself and talks about others.

You must leave room for things, and you must leave some verbal ethics when you speak.

Speaking badly is not enough to lose one’s life, but it is enough to lose one’s morals,

The evil of words is no greater than falsehood.

People’s mouths must speak truthfully and kindly,

Don’t make false claims.

The mouth is a wounding axe, and the tongue is a tongue cutter,

There is a ruler in speaking, and a degree in joking.

You don’t have to say everything, keep some morals;

Responsibility does not need to be exacting, save some weight.


Don’t have to fight for reasons, leave some tolerance;

You don’t have to do everything, leave some Yude.

Ask yourself more,

Less disputes and accusations.

More introspection,

Be less critical.

If you are awakened, you will find problems from yourself,

Unconsciousness will only shoot arrows at others.

Be kind to others, be kind to yourself;

There is a way out with others, and there is a retreat from oneself.

Others do not pay attention to their faults, and they have enmity to others.


Love oneself first, and ask others first.

There are many creatures from the earth to the filthy,

Those with clear water often have no fish.

You need to be tolerant of your partner,

It takes tolerance to treat friends.

A gentleman has the grace to tolerate others,

Will not compete for trivial matters.

My friend told you panic,

It should be considered whether he is in trouble.

Other people bring you trouble,

Should be calm and face to face.

Don’t be arbitrary and don’t rush to do things.

Wisdom has no troubles, and compassion has no enemies.

True love,

Is to take good care of my heart;

True compassion,

It’s in everyday words and deeds.


With a mind like the sea,

To have a life like the sea;

With the tranquility of the sea,

In order to be able to withstand the turbulent waves.

Be like a sea,

There are ups and downs, and there are calmness.

The heart is wide, so it can be received, and the sea is wide, so it can be wide.

If you have the clarity of the water, you are not afraid of suspicion.

If you have a water mind, you are not afraid of rumors.