The winter of life

Today’s mood is bad, not bad, but very bad, so bad!

Thinking of entering winter, time seems to be moving forward with breath, space seems to be shrinking, river of desire is almost dried up, thoughts are as blank as babies, words are like falling leaves, actions are like snails, and all shadows pass from me like snails. Passing by, I can’t feel the vivid breath, just come and go, just a gust of wind.

Looking out the window, the scenery remains the same, there are no ripples in my heart, opening and closing my eyes are the same, as if the world outside is solidified, I simply put my hand into my clothes, touched the pulsating heart, and asked myself to lift it up. Spirit.

Work no longer needs to think, do, go busy, go tired, the once tight rubber band is broken! I can’t stretch myself anymore. The reborn desire that blooms like a flower blows away in the slightest of the wind, and can’t be found everywhere. No matter how you do it, you are “fleeing from waste” and “wounded all over”, unbearable and painful, leaving it to the night to have some strange dreams, scaring myself to wake up, and starting to lose sleep, night after night , The night is heavy.

The days are a bit blocked, the sun is fading, the leaves are yellow, the wind is chilly, the air is no longer fresh, and even the birds are lonely. I felt my body fall into the ice cave, sinking slowly towards the bottomless place. Looking up at the narrow sky above his head, he was far away and confused. I tried to stretch out a weak hand, but couldn’t grasp anything. The body was squeezed by everything around him, unable to move at all. The surrounding area was dark and filled with biting cold air. The cold air penetrated into my heart, penetrated the internal organs, and coagulated the blood. The heat that only existed inside was exhausted. The weak breath makes me feel the existence of life.

Maybe just close your eyes and exist alone, let your soul be free and erratic. The outside world is still tinged with dawn and sunset; the spring is full, the summer is fanatical, the autumn is abundance, and the winter is icy, still reincarnation. But I am wandering in winter.