The weight of a bowl of rice

In the cool autumn breeze, the little girl stood on the ridge, and the long rice fields as far as she could look were filled with joy and loneliness. She bent over to work in the rice field, looming. Mother… the stone kicked away by her feet hit a single tone, and the sound of the call was louder than the other, and she couldn’t straighten her back and would stop cutting as many rice as she could. The figure running on the road, the moon hanging on the roof, the muddy floor in the house, the neat furniture, and the thatched roof, bursts of white smoke.

“Grandma, here, rice.”

“Doesn’t smell fragrant.”

“Fragrant, it’s fragrant.”

At the food contest, Ka Ka Ka, the camera took a photo, and the long-haired girl with diagonal bangs sitting in the middle of the special table was waiting for reporters to ask questions.

“Miss Chu, what is your favorite food?”

The girl said without hesitation: “Rice, my favorite food is rice. Nowadays, in Guotai Minan, the people’s quality of life has improved, and there will be no hunger pangs. Perhaps they will forget the traditional virtues of saving food. Increase production. Don’t forget hunger when you’re full. It’s not shameful to save food. In a country struggling with hunger, a grain of food can save a person, the weight of a bowl of rice…”

Confident and smooth speeches make reporters embarrassed to ask tricky questions. There is a man wearing a black frame glasses disdain laugh, cough, lift close to the microphone: “I heard Miss Chu prepare rice on sale a fantasy novel , does the book and your little girl has a kind of Contact, are you willing to be the girl in the book and keep your original intention.”

The girl replied decisively: “Although this book is published electronically, I intend to have a different ending when it is published in paper. I am asking if I am willing to be the little girl in the article. Of course I am willing to refuse to waste and arouse people’s emotions . It is mine. Original intention.”

Three hours passed…

Ms. Chu put on her sunglasses and ended the interview. The crowd gradually became bustling. The girl who returned to the house disinfected, slumped on the sofa, rubbed her eyebrows, and recalled today’s interview: the weight of a bowl of rice, a flash of inspiration, turned on the computer, and started typing-“The Little Girl’s Country of Rice” Adventure” continued:

The little girl walked on the street, the restaurant was full of abandoned things, and there were stray animals digging and searching for food. The animals were crowded in a group, feasting, and a moment of effort. The leftovers spread on the ground not long ago seemed to be an illusion…

The speed of percussion is getting faster and faster! Boom boom boom, hearing the heartbeat, wandering on the cracked ground, Miss Chu entered the world in the novel she wrote. Unexpectedly, the novel she wrote was even more desolate. The little girl who grabbed the rice on the side was the protagonist. In the book, every creature has suffered from hunger and dare not waste it. Those who forget the precepts have to endure hunger every day to wash their souls. Although the leftovers here appear out of thin air in the inner world, they are truly the real world. Coming.

For Miss Chu’s arrival, all creatures can turn a blind eye to it, just like passers-by passing by in a crowd of people in the real world, indifference can gather into a pile of fire. The little girl grabbed a handful of rice warmly and kindly, and Miss Chu took it with both hands. The gray and hairy rice grains had deteriorated, and the grains were distinct. She did not dare to swallow it, maintaining the elegance of a modern civilized person. She turned around and slapped the rice in the trash can. , A group of small animals rushed up and rushed to eat. The little girl saw Miss Chu’s hypocrisy completely, and instantly changed her face. She strangled Miss Chu’s throat with a pair of small hands. Before she could speak, her heart was cruel. Pull out.

“Why are you deceiving me? You are not a good economist, stay here forever!”

In a daze, the outline in front of my eyes coincided with my childhood self. “No, please let me go, I just accidentally—cough cough cough, knocked over the rice grains, cough.”

“Then I’ll give you another chance!” The little girl returned to her lovely appearance, but she didn’t know what she thought under her skin.

Miss Chu fell to the ground suddenly, and the world returned to quiet. The trash bin was full of take-out boxes. Every time I ordered take-out boxes, I would order a lot. There was a knock on the door and your take-out arrived. Miss Chu took a deep breath. , Opened the door, and the take-out brother stuffed big bags into the door for takeout, Miss Chu handed it out again: “This little brother, I can’t finish so much. Share these with you and comment on it. Don’t worry.” She smiled slightly. , Such as relief.

How could Miss Chu forget her childhood when she ran in the rice fields and worked. The weight of a bowl of rice is enough to fill the precepts of saving food in the heart.