The value of youth

“With the pain of self-immolation, turn oneself into light and heat.” Whether it is a meteor or aurora, as long as it passes through the night, this youth is worth it.

If it is a soldier, the value of youth is to make the will unyielding. President Xi said, “Youth is splendid by tempering, and life is sublimated by struggle.” Embellish youth with dark green military uniforms; interpret life with tenacious fighting spirit; carry out life with firm belief; serve the motherland with powerful actions. “But let the dragon city fly will be there, not called Huma Duyin Mountain”, cut through the thorns, train strong soldiers; dedication without regrets, guard the homeland; majestic and heroic hair, rush forward. Shakespeare said: “People’s youth is short-lived, but if you spend this short youth despicably, it will appear too much. “Unenthusiastic youth is worthless. “What’s more, the youth is about to fall, and the peach blossoms are falling like red rain.” A frustrated young man who has passed away is like a cup of cold coffee. Its fragrance is rich and mellow, and in the end it becomes unspeakable. Bitter and cold.

If it is a poet, the value of youth is to keep the heart hot. In the polar night, in the polar night, there are still people looking up at the stars in the gutter. Remark once said, “Youth’s most beautiful decoration should be courage.” Whether it’s “sorrowful face and declining temples, tomorrow will be spring again” or “the mountains and rivers are nowhere to be doubted, the willows and the flowers are bright and another village”. A kind of tenacity, a kind of tenacity that young people need to sharpen out, unyielding to life . The night quietly weaves the sky, and carefully polishes the Big Dipper. Youth is accompanied by faith and responsibility, bringing tenacity and pride, turning into light and heat, and illuminating the long dark night ahead. We have to run, run until the lights are bright, run until the flowers bloom, run from immature to mature, from fragility to toughness. “Youth is a common name. It is happy and beautiful, but it is also full of hard work.” Young brave men will bring their swords and cut through the night to usher in the dawn and create their unique value. , Even if it is the darkest before dawn.

If it is a student, the value of youth is to keep fighting. And try new tea with new fire. Poetry and wine take advantage of their time. “Adaptation, all things need to run in. We should learn to adapt to life, but also to learn to adapt to life, so that we can work with youth to create different fireworks and different youth values. “No night can make me sleep, no Any dawn can wake me up. “Time flows slowly and flows quietly. He sprinkled the stars in the wine, and wanted to walk the sky in the twilight, but Haizi carried his bag alone and set foot on the boat crossing the ocean. “What’s on the other side?” “I don’t know. Just keep going forward. “The road is very grind, and the road is very narrow, but we have to learn to adapt. If we still carry the unfading immaturity, we will never reach the other side of success. A steadfast frog will always be a frog at the bottom of the well, and the value it expects will never It will be self-enclosed, not adapting to life, what you can get.

Chekhov said: “The most important thing is not to waste your youth and vitality.” With enthusiasm and courage to adapt to life, what is the value of youth? The answer is here.