The thorns of the rose are her corners

The unpruned rose, although it is tied, has edges and corners, which is the original appearance. –Inscription

Rose is the queen of flowers, her nobility is born, and her beauty is also recognized. Rose has her unique charm, wearing a red dress, standing tall among the flowers, graceful and luxurious, looks particularly eye-catching. She doesn’t need too much whitewashing, the nobility and enchantment in her bones are enough to make her dazzling and radiant. Although the rose is beautiful and moving, it is also a proud flower, with sharp thorns, so you can only look at it from a distance and not play it.

She is not like a sunflower, always positive, facing the sun; nor is she like a daisy that is white and flawless, simple and beautiful; nor is she like a lily of the valley, which is quiet and elegant than a beautiful jade. She has bright colors and enchanting posture. Her beauty cannot be hidden, nor can it be concealed, as if it does not exist in the world, only exists in the fairyland, which is enviable but not jealous. The stems of the roses are green, but they are covered with thorns. Those are her edges and corners, which are inherent to her, just like her protective color.

If you want to own a rose, then you have to accept everything about her, accept her edges and corners, accept her thorns, even if the sharp thorns will sting you, that is her uniqueness. A hundred flowers bloom in the bushes, but the roses are beautiful and lonely. Because her thorns will hurt others and will always keep people away. Everyone envied her beauty, marveled at her beauty, but seldom got close to her and got close to her.

Rose also understands that the sharp thorns on her body are like weapons to hurt others, but they are part of her life after all. If the thorns on her body are removed, then she will no longer be complete and lose her original appearance. Like a butterfly that has lost its tentacles, although it will still be dazzling, but there are many more scars on its body, and it has lost its edge. Perhaps it is precisely because of her advantage that she shows her nobility and makes her excessively beautiful.

Rose, even though the beauty is lonely, still keeps the most original self and keeps its own uniqueness. When the roses are in full bloom, looking from afar, a few red flowers have been added between the dark green branches and leaves. When I walked in, the petals were layered on top of each other. The scents come in bursts, refreshing and intoxicating. The fragrance of flowers attracts bees and butterflies, which is really lively. It is enough to see that the rose not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has a charming fragrance, which is really beautiful.

Beautiful things always make people yearn for. The wind always comes and goes freely. He likes to cross mountains and rivers, and also like to shuttle in dense jungles, and sometimes swept the entire desert. The beauty of the rose also made him intoxicated and obsessed, but casualness was already his nature, and the freedom to come and go had already made him unable to stay in a certain place. Although he was obsessed with the beauty of roses, he just brushed it gently and never stopped.

An instant flashed through Rose’s charming figure, stems and leaves, and when he encountered her sharp thorns, he immediately passed them without leaving a trace. Rose didn’t take the flick of the wind either, she just shook her head gently, as if nodding slightly, without nostalgia. The rose was slowly swinging against the warm spring breeze in March. There were leaves growing on her stems. Some of these leaves were thick and green, and some were tender and verdant like emeralds, but her stems were also covered with sharp swords. The thorns are daunting. Her thorns are what distinguishes her from others and her unique beauty.

Feng saw her beauty and left quietly without leaving a trace. Yu has also heard of her beauty, and loves to see the grace of roses. He hurried in with the wind leaving, dripping on the red dress of the rose, and the red coat was crystal clear, like a bright ruby. The rain ticked down on Rose, hitting her sharp thorns. At this time, the rain also felt the sharpness of the thorns, and dropped on it carefully, avoiding the thorns on her body as much as possible.

After seeing the beauty of roses, Yu understood why she is the queen of flowers, because of her beauty and elegance. The warm sunlight shuttles in the breath of the tiny gaps. It is comfortable and long. The fragrance of the rose becomes more intense, permeating the air, filling all the emptiness between the world and the earth. Under the shining of the sun, it is like a wispy dusty moss. Sunlight shines on the stamens of the roses, which are shining brightly, and paired with a red dress, the red is shining brightly and beautifully.

The sun is not like wind and rain. Because he is afraid of the sharp edges and corners of the rose, he deliberately avoids it as much as possible, but he uses his own temperature to warm the rose’s branches and leaves, the rose petals, and the rose’s sharp thorns. He not only cherishes the stamens and petals of the rose , but also admires the thorns of the rose. He accepts all of the rose. Whether it is her beautiful figure, cute face, or sharp thorns, the sun still warms her.

In the eyes of the sun, although the rose is the queen of flowers, it is more like a proud princess. He is like a knight, giving his princess sunshine and warmth. Rose, a proud and beautiful princess, blooms to the fullest under the warmth of the knight of the sun, showing her beauty to the fullest; it also emits a dazzling light under the sun’s rays, making her look delicate yet noble and elegant.

Perhaps others only love the bright colors and beautiful appearance of roses, but in the heart of the sun, he clearly knows why he is so intoxicated with roses, not only because of the appearance of the roses, but also because of the edges and corners of the roses, that is her innate The unique charm. The unpruned rose, although it is tied, has edges and corners, which is the original appearance.

Rose, the queen of this flower, she is beautiful and noble, beautiful and elegant, and beautiful and unique. Although both wind and rain had been obsessed with her beauty, they were also afraid of her sharp thorns at the same time. Only the sun, he tolerates everything about the rose and keeps her warm.