The most beautiful in this life, but the sunflower

He is a child of a peasant family, and he worked hard to enter an art academy in a big city when he was a student. He worked hard while studying and living hard . After graduating from university, he entered an advertising company as he wished. In order to gain a foothold in the company, he indulged in work and almost gave up his vacation.

A few years later, he sat in the position of advertising director, but suffered a serious stomach problem. Colleagues didn’t understand him. They complained about his love of performance and caused everyone to work overtime together. He felt exhausted and decided to return to his hometown to relax.

His hometown is in the sunflower town. When passing the orange grove trail, he saw a row of golden sunflowers, with heavy heads held up in the direction of the sun, casting a bright color in his heart. The smell of sunlight was flowing in the air, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, and his heart was suddenly filled with sunlight, as if a sunflower blossomed in his heart.

A child with a backpack standing in front of a row of sunflowers, stretched out his hands, with a fascinating smile on his face, the bright of sunflowers reflected on the child’s face, at this moment, he was attracted by the joy on the child’s face , He quickly picked up the drawing board he brought with him, and put this warm moment on the drawing paper.

The child looked at him curiously and asked who he was? He moved in his heart and said, I am an art teacher. With a hint of surprise and hope on the child’s face, he said, are you really a new art teacher? Our town has not had an art teacher for five years!

He looked at the child, nodded fiercely, and made up his mind in his heart: stop and find his inner self.

He gave this sunflower painting to his children and walked to the only elementary school in the town. The next day, he became an art teacher at Sunflower Elementary School. He often uses his time after class to take the children to sketch in the trails, field stalks, and orange groves. The children are very excited. They did not expect that he, who graduated from a big city, could come to the small town to stay for them. His childhood friends advised him not to be so tired, to be a teacher, and to do his job well. But he said that every child deserves a happy childhood. When I am with the children, I enjoy the relaxation and happiness that I have never felt before, just like planting a sunflower in my heart, joy and blooming.

He is always good at catching the happy moments of every child. When the children are playing happily by the creek, by the trees, and on the campus, he can always see him carrying the drawing board and taking out the paintbrush to paint on the paper. Sometimes when the children are running on the playground, they will shout when they see him, look, the teacher who can paint.

His fingers were callused from painting for a long time, but his heart was happy. He sent the children’s paintings to the city for exhibition. The city art gallery informed him that a child had won the second prize. He was so excited that he shed tears.

On weekends, he still took the drawing board to sketch. After passing by a brick factory in the suburbs, he saw a few children scribbling on a broken wall. He stepped up to talk with the children and realized that the parents of these children were all out. Part-time work, only go home once during the Chinese New Year. He remembered that although he lived in poverty in his childhood, he was accompanied by his parents. He hoped that he could use his meager strength to bring a ray of sunshine to these children. He agreed with the children that he would take the school children out to sketch together every week. Teach them to paint.

Since then, when people pass through the town, they will always see such a landscape. A young man is carrying a drawing board and leading a group of children to sketch. Their faces are full of sunshine and vigor. Their drawing boards are filled with white clouds and birds in the sky, as well as small ones. The stream and the green trees, and the clusters of shining sunflowers.