The joy of life is nothing but joy in suffering

The triple realm of life is to see oneself, the world, and all sentient beings. Seeing nature with a clear mind, you can contemplate yourself; seeing the world, knowing that you are nothing but a tiny dust of sentient beings; seeing sentient beings, be in awe, and stop doing things. What you practice is your own mind, what you see, what you hear, your gratitude, and all kinds of emotions , all created by your heart.

The joy of life is nothing but joy in suffering. All beings are suffering, and each has its own difficulties. It is impossible to speak or empathize.

The best way to get along with each other is never to get to the bottom, but to respect each other, leave a little room for each other, and keep a little secret. Behind the dazzling beauty, there are always a few hidden wounds that are not known to anyone. Since they know this, why bother to entangle them, why bother to ask the roots?

When I was young, I was always the same as many people. No matter sorrow or joy, it was earth-shattering. Laugh and cry whenever I want to laugh. I never need any disguise. When I grew up, I learned how to be powerful, sorrows and joys were hidden in my heart, precipitated and digested alone. Maybe it was just pretending to be strong at the beginning, until later I gradually became accustomed to it, and I naturally developed a suit of armor.

The great writer Su Shi once said: “It is better to eat without meat than live without bamboo. Without meat, one is lean, and without bamboo, one is vulgar.” It can be seen that Su Shi’s love for bamboo. Bamboo has its own high winds and brightness, not chaos when facing danger, rising steadily, unyielding and unforgiving. Isn’t this the truest portrayal of Su Shi himself?

As far as I am concerned, I would rather eat without meat for a day than without tea for a day. Especially when the heart is distressed and frustrated, a cup of tea is far better than the collision between a wine glass and a wine glass. Wine makes people drunk, tea makes people sober. Simmer your throat with hot wine and tea to delight your feelings. When drinking bitter tea, I often think of bitterness and sweetness, and look forward to the sweetness and sweetness after the bitterness is over.

“Cai Gen Tan” writes: “There is always joy in the painstaking heart; the sadness of frustration arises when you are satisfied.” Everyone lives in the world, and his spirits are soaring when in good times, and when he is in adversity, he is often depressed and complains about himself. As everyone knows, everything has a fixed number. After the sufferings in front of us, one day the bitter tea will return to sweetness, and a new world will be ushered in after the end of the road. All the suffering, but it was awkwardly, and got through it step by step.

I once laughed and talked about pursuing poetry and distant places all my life, but later on, how many people can follow their inner wishes, associate with poetry and books, and only be with the tea beloved, without worries and restraints?

Chai, rice, oil and salt will eventually replace poetry and distance, and ordinary days will eventually replace passionate years. Nothing is permanent. People are walking, times are changing, things are changing for stars, but new people are changing for old people, and new tea is changing for old tea.

The more mature people are, the less publicity they are. No more publicity, it does not mean that you have long lost your enthusiasm and love for life . It is just that after seeing the truth of life, you no longer feel angry, but take action to change yourself.

Everyone in the world has suffering, and everyone is different. Those who know themselves do not blame others, those who know fate do not blame God. It should be understood that there is no pure land in the world, a pure heart can be at ease, and peace of mind will lead to happiness.

May you and me in the red dust, let the world sway and turbulent, and my heart will remain safe and sound.

When the floating flowers and waves fade away, good and bad, after all, calm. To believe, bitter sad after, everything will be fine.