The goal of life is like mountain climbing

The summer just whizzes by, the
green can’t resist the autumn wind, the
ground of the earth looks yellow, the
tired soil should take a rest,
but we still keep setting goals and don’t have
time to take care of the changes around us.

Emotions that can never be controlled are
always complaining at the time that should not be expressed
Low and the goal are constantly entangled
you need an answer, then look at your feet,
standing on a mountain or a valley

He boarded the mountain as if
to complete a goal
and so when you find down
there is a mountain waiting for you
we just consumes energy
to complete a climb another goal

Slowly send myself to the dusk of life. The
goal is getting blurred. I
forget the resentment at a certain point in time. I ca
n’t remember how many ruggedness
I have experienced. I know that I will never reach the peak again.
The place where I stand is a canyon.

The calm and quiet moment is here,
there is a rushing river
at the bottom
of the mountain , thousands of lights that can make your heart beat, the ink-like peaks are connected to the sky, the
moon is walking through the mist,
there is no pitiful place to see at this time

No passion to go back to running a
confession only listen to the heart of the
only thoughts horizon of the souls of
them and us through the years as
they left regret what
what their understanding of life that
we seek answers only on himself