The early spring sunshine is a bit dazzling

The sun in the early spring is a bit dazzling, seeming to lure people living in the house to come out, to feel its warmth, to feel its charming and charming. I did not withstand the temptation, and finally walked out of the long-awaited door. The sun shines on people, it is warm, and it makes people feel a little sleepy and want to sleep. Maybe it was because he was still wearing a cotton-padded jacket. Although the clothes had been untied, there was still fine sweat drenched from his forehead.

I hid quietly in the shadow of a billboard while dragging my phone . The strange thing is that in this season, standing in the sun is a bit hot, and standing in the shadow of a billboard is a bit cold. The sweat forced out by the sun just now made me sober again, and I couldn’t help but move to bathe in the fiery Jiaoyang. The eyes stabbed by the sun almost couldn’t open, let alone look at the phone, so I had to put the phone away and looked around at random.

The winter here is incomparable with Xinjiang. Generally, when the temperature reaches zero degrees, people start crying to freeze to death and freeze to death. They can’t imagine what Xinjiang will be like in the winter of more than 20 degrees below zero. So many flowers grown in houses in Xinjiang can be seen everywhere here.

Perhaps because of its geographical location, the spring here will also come a lot earlier by Xinjiang. The tower-like evergreen pine tree standing at the gate of the community seems to have become the signboard of the community. The neatly arranged and emerald green trees beside the green lace are like guards standing upright, guarding us. Although the dead leaves on some big trees have not fallen clean, the small trees in front of the building have already bloomed white flowers and spit out green buds. Bathed in such sunshine and enjoying such spring scenery , my heart seemed to be melted-there was an indescribable comfort.

Just as I was immersed in the charming and charming sun, a gust of wind blew from somewhere, and I couldn’t help but beat my spirits. At this time, a withered yellow leaf danced lightly with the wind, and walked into my sight. In this sunny spring, I don’t know how to look at this yellow leaf? It is a late glory, or a helpless replacement.

It’s just light and fluttering, it didn’t stop at the place where it had been with it for a lifetime, but drifted far away with the wind. Maybe it feels a little lonely , maybe it feels that its world is a little dark and some hazy, or a little dazed. After all, it should appear in autumn, and it should be praised by countless people who like autumn colors. But it fell in the spring.

Due to the difference of time, its supposed beauty has become muddy. It quickly disappeared from my sight, like running away, even a little embarrassed. I stared at the direction of its disappearance, guessing at its inner hesitation. It is a bit depressed, a bit bitter, and more lonely.

It is not reconciled to just withdraw from the stage of history, leaving only a faint fragrance of flowers in the memory. But even if it struggled hard, it had to make room for the green leaf buds. Perhaps this is the course of life and the taste of youth.