The deeper you go, the more independent you are

The wind will go away, but the wind will stay. The wind has gone and stayed. Spreading here, in the air in the throbbing chest, to be true to you, but you never cling to me.

Take it slowly, then take it slowly, I think, it is also a kind of sincerity. Let autumn also change the appearance of the past. In the coolness of autumn after another, the clouds were pulled out of the sky abruptly, with a trace of sweat on his forehead. No matter the summer is bright and beautiful, and the writing is beautiful, to realize that it gives people a feeling of calmness and goodness in the years, and the feeling of autumn is really hard.

Bronze body, walking into autumn, the autumn breeze is blowing, and the autumn feeling is strong. Quiet and quiet, let it fall gently on people’s hearts, and it’s good to have that, Qiu Chen is beautiful. Although he had never held him, he blew swiftly. Never held him, and leaned down.

In fate, not relationship, you can do whatever you want. Like a verse, there are hundreds of flowers in spring and moon in autumn, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter. If there is nothing to worry about, it is a good time in the world.

The four seasons of reincarnation, open eyes and close eyes, may be the short period of his season, not his whole life. I think, but also because of it, it will be the most true and pure side. Just like, there will always be people who say that you are beautiful, and there will always be people who say that you are not beautiful.

This wind is bright, what does Junfu say. Just like he knows me and I know it, there is no need to pour out this secret in my heart. If you ask me whether loving you is worthwhile, in fact, you should know earlier. Love is not about whether it is worthwhile, but whether you are together.

But what falls in autumn is loneliness , where is the door, the dirt goes to Tianjian, what leaves fall is sorrow, what is falling in autumn is also a sadness, one by one, representing irretrievable love. Even if it is swaying in the time, it will fly all over the sky, returning to the quiet, unworldly world.

When the real golden autumn land arrives, the sky is like a blue gem covering the earth, and her heart is in a vein, but I know that she must have been wiped away by the autumn wind, very, very clean and tidy. The deeper you go, the more independent you are, and the deeper the autumn, the more you love.

There is no doubt that I like autumn. Because it is cool and kind, comfortable and quiet. Throw it away, the flowers in spring are blooming, and the stars in summer are restless. It can also be harvested, silent and silent, between the mountains and the dry sea. Full of joy, full of warmth, quietly flowing in these years.

Although there is no time to recall the time, the night is late and people are quiet. Accompanied by this beautiful melody, it is a cigarette, a cup of inscriptions, when there are thousands of thoughts. This tranquil heart, just at the right time, the breeze gently blows, and it is not the same, which is hidden deep in the heart, the most beautiful ripples and touches.