The color of life, only autumn understands

It’s always so quiet late at night. The neon lights on the street are brilliant, and I don’t know how many stories I don’t know are happening . At this time, I’m writing my feelings in a quiet room .

There was only a slight blow from the fan in the room, and I was a sentimental thirty-year-old man. I don’t know if I should doubt the rest of my life . I have gone through the road for thirty years, and it seems that I have already experienced all that I have experienced. I am married, but I don’t feel like I was the one I had when I was not married. After getting married, you still have to experience all kinds of happy and distressing problems.

Adults can talk to others, but mature adults cannot find anyone to talk to. This is sorrow, and it is also the sorrow of a man with a straightened spine.

It’s midsummer at this time, it’s a bit stuffy, but a vertical fan is enough. I have a lot of stories and a very deep understanding of life and human nature, but there is no one around me who can really understand and calm down to listen to them. This is sorrow, a great sorrow. Looking at a few friends who occasionally contact, lovers who are around every day, they don’t understand.

My experience makes me feel scared, because my understanding and views of this world are beyond ordinary. I know that the adult world is an egoist. Only those who are interested in themselves can people pay attention to and interfere with it. Even. But what is so called, anyway, I am used to thinking independently.

When I was penniless, she asked me to spend a little more restraint. One day, at 9 o’clock in the evening, I passed by the barbecue shop. I haven’t eaten my favorite barbecue for many days. I can’t help but go. When I went to the store I often visited, I stood at the door thinking, she asked me if I missed the barbecue here, or eat a bowl of veggie noodles. We are living in a difficult situation now . At that time I wanted to eat meat powder, because of her, I let go of my greed. In that quiet evening, she and I had a bowl of plain noodles, and two pairs of chopsticks went to and fro to clear it up.

I really want someone to read my article carefully , and then give me a comment, tell me what life is like, whether it is sad or happy, at least there is a sympathy. In this way, I will feel that this world is not only me alone, not only one walks in and out of people like me, even if there are many relatives and friends around, they are always so lonely and lonely. But I know that no one cares, and no one reads it carefully. Everyone has their own life, and they can’t be too busy with the joys and angers.

Autumn, come soon! I can’t help but to witness your beautiful face, give me a pleasant cool breeze and blow away my sorrows, leaving me only free and unrestrained, so that I will feel the return of time, I am still that youthful Fire, a boy full of yearning and enthusiasm for life. But, is this possible? This can’t.

My youth has been burning for thirty years. You can’t assume that the pinch of dust that has been dusted off in the past has not happened. When you are in high spirits, you can say that it is rebirth from the cocoon; what do you do if you fall into the quagmire? Can you give up? No, unless you no longer love yourself. If you don’t even love yourself, everything doesn’t matter. Relatives, friends and even strangers around you will call you cowardly, but they don’t understand the glory and darkness in your life.

Autumn, come soon! At that time, you were also a hearty young man. He still loves life even more than before.