The best destination in life is when we go home together

We have spent the long winter and ushered in the first warmth of the new year. It is gratifying and happy , but the most warm thing is that some people go home together and ring the bell of the new year together. (Foreword)

“Qiqi, are you going home for the New Year this year?” Lixiang asked loudly while looking at the lights of thousands of houses outside the window.

“What are you going to do, squeeze in, squeeze in, and test after it’s finished. When you get home, your butt is not hot and you have to rush over to isolate it. It’s so uncomfortable, it’s not worthwhile, big sister.” Qi Qi retorted.

“Who do you mean? You’re still an aunt? I’m only in my twenties. Don’t you say it is so mournful? Young people have to show some masculinity. It’s fun to have to go home after the new year.” Lixiang shot back with one hand on his hips and pointing fingers, as if a conductor was commanding something serious.

“Go home! Actually, I also want to…but…” Qi Qi muttered in her heart. She didn’t know since when she actually felt that going home has become so far away and so difficult, but fortunately, she hasn’t been numb enough to return. To the extent that he looked at Lixiang helplessly and a little sadly.

Lixiang is still as upright and energetic as when he first entered the society and first arrived. He is full of confidence and enthusiasm for everything. Obviously, he has not been affected by the so-called socialization. Over the years, she has been bumped and bumped a lot, hardships can be eaten, hardships can be carried, and the edges and corners have also been a little polished, but the true self-heart and the perseverance of the brain have not changed at all.

She can’t control so much, and doesn’t want so much. Suddenly, her brain jumped like an electric shock. First she slapped Qiqi’s hand and said seriously, “Let’s go home for the New Year! Don’t be afraid of trouble. I really have to go home before it tastes good.”

Qi Qi only treated her as a joke, so she smiled and nodded stiffly. Unexpectedly, early the next morning, Lixiang really set off, got up early to wash, and yelled “Go home, go home” to wake Qi Qi who was sleeping soundly from her dream, she was confused. Squinting, Lixiang pulled up from the bed before he could yell, feeling like he lost his soul.

Cars move with people, and people move with their hearts. Because homecoming is like an arrow, the streets at this moment seem to be extremely smooth, and the cars are exceptionally smooth and fast, and they were converted from taxis to trains in a daze. Qiqi has only come back now, but it is too late to regret the return journey. She has already rushed home with Lixiang. Looking at Lixiang’s happy smiling face, she also has to go out, like a child. Just go on a journey as you like.

I don’t know how long it has passed, an uncle came on the train, carrying a huge cloth bag on his back, and slowly staggering from the aisle. He put down the cloth bag in a corner of the carriage and breathed freely. Then he took out the old-fashioned button phone from his pocket, pressed the number keys one by one, and dialed the phone in a short while, “Hey, Qinqin…I got on, I got on the train, don’t worry…I’ll be home soon. It’s… Yes, it’s not easy to go home for the New Year…” Uncle’s tired face gradually eased.

Qi Qi and Lixiang noticed this uncle almost at the same time. A deep sense of nostalgia came from the bottom of their hearts, and the tired old father in their minds seemed to jump right in front of them… They have the same body shape and the same size. Burden, there is the same silly and unpretentious rusticity. They met many people when they were away, but every time they were inexplicably moved by such a group of villagers who made a living outside.

When getting off the train, the uncle picked up his big cloth bag, bent his back, hurried on the road, and quickly disappeared from the crowd, so many people coming and going, his figure is obviously so lonely and tired, but the pace is getting more and more. Urgent, faster and faster.

“This is probably the eager pace of returning home, right?” Qi Qi asked Lixiang heartily.

“Probably so, home is the best place for everyone.” Lixiang nodded and replied.

Unexpectedly, Qi Qi shook his head and said, “No, no, no, the best destination in life is that someone goes home together…”