The autumn equinox has not been seen, and this life will not be destined

At the autumnal equinox of that year, it was said that we met under the big poplar tree at the foot of Ant Mountain. That’s it, you bring me mooncakes made by your own hands during the Mid-Autumn Festival, as well as pure yak yogurt, tsampa and ghee from the grassland. So the night before the Autumnal Equinox Day, I sleep, lying in bed, looking at the blink of an eye the moon illuminated the ceiling, remembering each of our winter and spring and autumn night college days, and seasons of romantic love , not only Live to laugh out loud.

I look forward to the day, but why is the autumn night so long? Just after the Mid-Autumn Festival, the bright moon at the top of the zenith showed no sign of setting. I looked at the silver splattered outside the window, and looked at the pier where the sun often rises in Alagu Mountain. That moment of excitement.

Before the sun rose, the autumn wind in the Huangshui River Valley was a bit strong and cold. It messed up my hair for the whole morning, and it also made me shiver. The leaves on the big poplar tree had already been lost. There was not much left from the west wind, and only the roots of the leaves were still attached to the tree in the autumn wind. Occasionally, a piece fell and hit my head, but I didn’t feel it.

In the middle of the day, the big poplar tree is still shaded by the tall ant hill. I waited quietly in the cold autumn shade, waiting for her to come happily with the playfulness of the university campus. A few birds flew up from nowhere on the big poplar tree, chirping, seeming to mock me, a lover.

The sun is getting higher and higher, passing from the tip of Daban Mountain to Mayin Mountain, and is about to fall from the side of Laji Mountain, but you have not come, I am eager to see, how many times have been turned around the big poplar tree, wait and wait, When the moon was in the middle of the sky, you did not come after all.

Later, a letter sent by the postman in brown told me that in that distant place, his love shepherd whip hit you and caught you. From then on, you and him watched the grassland Gesang flowers bloom in a distant place. The sunrise and sunset on the grassland, watching the rising moon on the grassland in the Mid-Autumn Festival, also forget me on the day of the autumnal equinox.

How many years have passed since the Mid-Autumn Festival, and how many days have been full and full moon. Thinking of today’s autumn equinox, I felt so stupid when I was young. You asked me to meet on the autumnal equinox. In fact, how can we meet on the day of the equinox? The full moon is in the Mid-Autumn Festival. How can there be mooncakes that are full again after Mid-Autumn Festival?

We didn’t meet at the autumn equinox that year, and you and I will never be destined in this life.