Talk to yourself

Too many happy things that I will experience in my future life were built in my mind last night , which caused my head to be excited and unable to sleep. Most of the night, I was sleepy and unable to sleep.

I think this is probably because those happy things are deep in your mind, and you remind him from time to time to make yourself happy. It’s also like the constellation commentary. The above is the happy thing. Even if you find it back, is it still at the time? Can you find the feeling at the time? Still happy? Can you do it again?

No more, maybe only I stayed in memory. I was unable to extricate myself from the happiness at that time for a long time. Others had forgotten it a long time ago. So this is why I find it difficult to say what I mean?

Finally, I mentioned the changes that have been made countless times, but they still haven’t materialized. So what am I doing now?

In an ordinary life without goals and mediocrity , what progress have I made? I think every day should be better than the previous day. Every day has its meaning. Life is a process of constantly making myself better. Just like my own psychological construction last night, you must continue to grow up to the things that seemed difficult and hard for you at the time. After that, you no longer feel that things are hard, you already have a mature mentality to go. face. You are not afraid anymore.

Because you have grown up, or you have experienced it, you think he will become unafraid of things like that, so I want to change.

I’ve said it countless times, I’ve said it every day, change, change, and learn from those outstanding people, because I pay close attention to them every day. Both progress, both gain, and both grow.

Today, I suddenly realized that my boring life is because of lack of love. Yes, I want to fall in love.

Before each fall in love, I advise myself to get rid of bad things, but I can never get rid of it once. Every time it ends because of cold and violence, and died without disease. Later, I met a man who has been together for two years. I can’t believe that someone like me can have a two-year relationship. It was he who showed me the possibility, but he It is indeed not an ideal marriage partner, and the unsatisfactory will always collapse.

His awkward appearance, empty pockets, dark skin, bear-like weight, and simple thinking gave me the best company.

However, this can only be done, once the balance is broken, it cannot be returned.

I want to fall in love, I really want to talk.

Now, life is too boring, like calm water waves, I want to have surprises.