Sunflower seeds

I am a sunflower seed living in a corner. So I am always unhappy . One day he said to me: “Zeng, do you want me to put you there? Because you were not happy in the previous life, I allow you to choose in this life.”

I said: “You put me where you can’t see the sun! I’m afraid the sun will burn my skin, I would rather live in the corner forever!” He said kindly: “Then you will never be happy. You There is no more chance to regret!”

I am silent, I know I will not be happy, because I am a sunflower. The sun is the direction I should chase. But I am nostalgic for the memory of my previous life, and I am reluctant to bear the loneliness of myself.

Because all creatures can only extend their lives for one lifetime. So I am not allowed to have the afterlife. This is the law set by God. But I don’t know why, I am not reconciled, I want to have a future. Although I am reluctant to lose my previous life. My mind that year made me successfully bred a seed that could continue my life…

He asked me in surprise: “Zeng, why do you have such a strong mind? You have to know that you have not seen the sun for two lifetimes, and there will never be any more seeds. Do you want to get out of that dark corner? ?”

Yeah, yeah! I also need the comfort of the sun, and his love like the sun. However, I also understand that everything is my wishful thinking. He will be by my side all the time, the sun has enveloped me and entered me, he can easily peek at all of me and take in everything you want; in this way, you still don’t understand my thoughts. , The blend of thoughts is so far away from me.

I have sunk, trying to use beautiful language to make myself beautiful, and express my emotions in the form of poetry. I hope you really understand me and make our thoughts as warm and harmonious. I struggled to get out of your envelope, but I can’t tolerate your leaving figure.

He reluctantly said: Give you another life, still let you choose.

I said: Where else can I go? Leave me there!

I went back to my corner. He left. When he left, he said: There will be a rain in three days. Whether you are washed away or whatever is your life.

After three days, there was a rain. You came, bent down and picked me up: How can you grow well here, such a small you! I take you to a place where you will definitely bloom the most beautiful flowers in the world.

I finally saw the sun, and you; I lost my previous life, facing the sun, facing the sun like you, brilliantly sprouting, growing, and blooming!

He came, surprised at my beauty. He left because it was his merciless abandonment.

I have you by my side, and you who are in harmony with me in exchange for the third generation!